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  • HoChiMin


    The WT has vilified the UN for at least a century, taught me it was disgusting, a beast, a tool of Satan and so on. They persuaded me to give my thought process over to them (WT) because they claimed to speak for god and I became opposed to supporting the country I live in due to the teachings of the WT. I would have allowed my child to die if blood was needed to save a life. The WT teaches ,and many of the members are happy that, 6 billion inhabitants of the planet will die a death as horrible or worse than those on 9-11-2001 at the hands of their god, if one does not listen to a door to door sermon.

    This is only a small part of why it is important to let any and all still in or considering joining the WT about the current UN/WT issue. Proof that they lie and cover over important information to keep control over their members.


  • belbab

    The nations of the world spend millions and millions of dollars each year supporting the work of the UN. The UN use that money, to ameliorate world condiitions, poverty, sickness, childrens rights, famine, supply peace keepers and the list goes on and on.

    Jehovah's witnesses claim that all these efforts are counterfeit, the work of the Devil. They publish millions and millions of pieces of literature each year in many different languages publishing that the efforts of the UN are worthless and will come to naught, and is a counterfeit to God's Kingdom.

    And to cap it all, they clandestinely, without notification to their members, associated themselves with the UN, to avail themselves of benefits, that enable the WT to further undermine the UN's efforts. They are using the UN's own rescources to announce it's own downfull. [i]The WT is boiling the lamb, in its mother's milk.{/i]

  • one


    1.jw/population ratio in your community

    2.- multiply that by ? factor. (?= tipical ,number of friends co-workers, non-jw relatives etc) and you will get a % of people who will read the paper article completly ,just because is related to the jw, the writer should not mention only wt but include JW in the heading. increase audience (that's all they are looking for) include in the heading something political or fraud.


    Better yet someone here should write the articleS, no press release, and fax to them for review, it may work as long as you don't try to take credit. Avoid writting too many details.

  • ARoarer

    The local community should be educated about what the Watchtower's Brochures picture regarding the U N and the rest of the world who don't adhere to their religious dogma. Like the Taliban believe, so do the JW's feel those who don't agree deserve death. Brochurs picturing burning buildings and human beings under colapsing buildings, women holding lifeless children as the buildings fall around them, cities burning as JW's smile, the U N deserving of destruction as spoken about in thier latest "Daniel" book studied at the bookstudy.

  • hawkaw

    I would like to thank everyone for their comments.

    Bible examiner knows what I am up too and what I have written.

    I have already considered most of your comments but there are a few more I added.

    All comments have been incorporated into a 225 word abstract that will be given to the local "community editor" tomorrow morning via Email as per his request to me.

    Wish me luck folks.

    We need it with this war stuff going on.


  • Sunspot

    I had strong views about this...but my feelings have been mentioned already.

    I think that primarily, because you're dealing with the media, that most of my concerns would sound like insane ramblings, [grin]and need to be "edited" for those who don't have a clue about the "workings" of the Watchtower's control.

    One point I would like to stress would be the fact that since the JWs are so "in-your-face" (roaming through neighborhoods, in laundromats, in parking lots, in parks, in bus-train-etc terminals, in hospital and Dr's waiting rooms, on the phone, and in the schools through the youth)---that the public has the RIGHT to know some basics about the religion.

    Obviously, the JWs won't bring up "negatives" when trying to recruit new members, so the media has a responsibility to report anything that presents harm to the public.

    Even if the JWs don't know about or deny their "leaders" UN involvement, the community WILL be aware of the latest deception upon members of their local Kingdom Halls.

    Remember that scripture that said something about always being prepared to make a defense for your faith? If the householders know more about the Watchtower's ongoing underhanded and hypocritical ways than the JWs themselves, it will be increasingly difficult to continue to "defend" their faith!

    All the more reason to expose whatever we can!

    Shredded families and ruined lives;
    The WBTS has MUCH to answer for......



    Oops! Sorry! I started to reply to this right after Ho Chi Min....then saw you (Hawk) were "off and running" by the time I hit the button!

  • bluesapphire

    Hawk, I've been meaning to ask you. Can you post any of your background for us? I mean the reason for your interest in bringing down the WTS. If you can, that is.

  • Pathofthorns

    I bet there must be about 40 000 Witnesses and others directly affected by them in southern Ontario that have access to the Toronto Star.

    40 000 people who haven't heard of the UN issue, who would in private circles discuss the matter for days after the story is a good reason.

    The branch office located just outside the city, that has been quietly waging a public affairs campaign for years is also another reason. Its interesting just how many newsclips make it from the Toronto Star into Watching the World in Awake.

    Good luck with the article Hawk.


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    I missed this important thread as I haven't been online for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to reading what you wrote in your abstract to the 'community editor'.

    Why we are so interested in this subject and anything to do with the WTS, even after we have "left" it, is difficult for most outsiders to understand.

    My reasons echo what many have already said that:

    1. this religion teaches its followers that they alone have God's spirit giving them sole understanding of the Bible and it is directing their activities in preaching.

    2. this religion has such an invisible hold on its people, to the point where they will sacrifice their lives and the lives of their children in the name of obeying God's command affecting blood tranfusions and staying neutral in governmental politics.

    3. by becoming an NGO associated with the DPI, it broken its own long-taught and current belief that it and its members should have nothing to do with goverments and the UN because it is something disgusting to God and will be destroyed by Him.

    4. it's hypocrisy in becoming an NGO associated with the DPI, needs to be known to its members and the public because this is another example of how they keep that hypocrisy secret.

    5. because of the hold they have on their members, speaking out against the WTS keeps many members "in bondage" by the threat of disfellowshipment which breaks apart families through shunning.

    These facts need to be known to the public because the JWs go to the public to find new members who are NOT given the whole picture of this religion and therefore can not make an informed decision about joining it or not, because the JWs teaching them are generally uninformed of the hypocricies themselves.

    The public has the right to know the truth about his hypocritical and controlling religion, and the media has the duty to inform them of these provable facts.

    Good luck in your efforts and I thank you for keeping us informed.

  • detective

    As for why it's important to witnesses, there are countless reasons and endless stories of emotional tragedy that this organization is responisble for. I guess I would also like to think about this in terms of why it's important to the newspaper considering running the article. I'm going to take that approach for the moment.

    Why is this important enough for a newspaper to cover:

    1) We've just seen the horror of religious fanaticism demonstrated on Sept. 11. Now that we've been touched by it on a massive scale, how does fanaticism touch our lives on a daily basis? Who does it affect? Are lives ruined or lost? Do we really need to ask why it matters after seeing the lengths people will go to so vividly on the 11th?

    2) The United Nations were made a mockery by the Watchtower. A little cult fleeces the UN. The United Nations is supposed to address human rights concerns. Unknowningly, they allowed a religious cult that routinely violates human rights to associate itself with them. Either the United Nations didn't do it's homework on this NGO or we've seen the underhanded nature of this cult at work. Either way, it's a scandal.

    3)A grass roots effort quelled this sneaky cults efforts to take advantage of the United Nations. The seemingly powerless victims rose to the occasion and made an oppressive organization change it's ways.

    More later...

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