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  • MadApostate


    Personally, I feel the Society felt safe posting that report as a link because it is a separate NGO-- Human Rights Without Frontiers -- reporting on the violation of human rights of 2 of the 'friends' in Georgia which is a member of the OSCE.

    It really says nothing of the WT's OWN status as an NGO, now, does it?

    The WTS also thought that noone would ever research this issue to the point of seeing that the WTS has a very cozy relationship with Willy Fautre and HRWF. How many of the Conferences in which the WTS was participating was Fautre also participating?

    Just run the "key words" through Google, and see how many HRWF webpages mention JWs.

    We know that the WTS KNOWS how to launder money. I doubt that you would ever find the WTS listed on HRWF's List of Contributors. However, it would not be the first time that the WTS have asked wealthy JW individuals to put up their own bucks for a WTS cause. Just speculating!

  • OhHappyDay

    Hi Folks,

    while saying that the library card was THE reason for getting into DPI we should not forget that the portuguese branch stated to a newspaper interview as in a written letter to a JW that THE REASON where human right affairs to help the bros around the world.

    The letter (wich Kent has) was an answer wich took 1 month to be written after a first request.

    Happy Day!!

  • Kent

    As I said, my friend - it would be a great help if you would translate this letter for me - since I don't read the language.

    MadA - Even if you seem to believe I'm one who tend to swallow the Watchtowers explanations raw, I don't. But facts has shown us WHO in the society who made this stunt in the first place - and THESE persons were interested in files and information. Policiec beyond that weren't their business - and that's why I believe the explanation from the Watchtower is actually correct on that point.

    BUT - we're talking about the start! NOT what happened later. When they will try to explain all the stuff mentioned abowe - they used the political possibilities, and lobbied with other NGOs to make their own situation better. Including being recognized as a "religious society", whic is extremely interesting from a monitary view.

    Even though I dare say I'm not the one on this board that do trust the Watchtower the most, there MAY BE some things they say that is actually correct :)

    In this case it's a half-truth, because the ORIGINAL idea was, I honestly believe (based on reasons I won't comment on - but you're wrong when you say I don't have or will never get any "evidence" to this effect) this WAS the original reason. However - someone with other interests discovered this NGO status could be used for other things - and THEN things started to happen.

    As I said - if Legal Department had known about this - I don't think there would have been no NGO status in the first place! The Legal Dep is lying just as much as the rest of the Tower, and there is evidence to that as well, but even though they are notorious liars, they just MIGHT tell the truth every now and then :))

    I believe it's a bit too black and white to say they will ALWAYS lie in ANY case. They won't lie if they have nothing particular to gain - and in this case they really don't. Because what happened after the first few years really happened, and that's proven. Also, they had to renew their status in writing every year, where they promis to be nice chaps and promote the UN - so they don't have much to gain.

    But - if you want to believe I and others are stupid fools, and the evidence is that some explanations or thoughts fits with the watchtowers - I'd say it's a poor proof.

    The shit has hit the fan anyway - and I can tell you they are not pleased inside Bethel about this thing. Why do you believe, by the way, that we would say something just to support the Watchtower? Does our history indicate we're their closest supporters?

  • MadApostate

    If the burning desire to gain access to the UN Library's reference materials was the driving force behind the WTS's willingness to sacrifice principle and formally associate itself with the "Beast", would it not be reasonable to expect that such access would result in an increase in UN references in the Watchtower and Awake magazines? Even a small increase?

    I don't claim this is scientific by any means, nor that I even counted these perfectly, but I thought that I would count the number of "UN page citations", for the 2 magazines, which are shown in the scattered WT Indexes for the years that I have.

    1986 = 27
    1987 = 21
    1988 = 19
    1989 = 12
    1990 = 24
    1991 = 14
    1992 = 12 (The year of association vs. Articles prepared in advance.)

    129/7 = 18.43 average

    1993 = 8
    1994 = 4
    1995 = 19
    1996 = 12

    43/4 = 10.75 average

    1997 = ?
    1998 = ?
    1999 = 8

    Well, my assumptions were obviously wrong. Access to the UN's Library resulted in fewer citations.



    IS it a human right to be able to go door to door and threatin the lives of people and their familys.No wonder the Russian government dosent want them,and they got a shit kicking on the way to an ASS-SEMBLY!I feel sorry for their poor kids!

  • Satanus


    Maybe they wanted to use the info from un libraries not to write articles, but to learn about politics, culture, economic conditions and who is who in 3rd world countries. This would be called 'intelligence', spying out the lands to plan strategies. Just a thought.

  • MadApostate


    I didn't intend to imply that the "LC" theory requires that Library access only be used to write magazine articles.

    My own theory would have them using the Library for the purposes that you note.

    However, is it reasonable under the "LC" theory, that in the very first two years after getting Library access that references to the UN would drop in half in the WT and AW magazines?

  • MadApostate

    Here again is Milton Henschel's letter to Russian PM Primakov, in which Henschel uses HRWF to essentially threaten him.

    . http://www.jw-russia.org/eng/moscow/let98sep181.htm

  • MadApostate

    Link replaced above.

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