Memorial Question?

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  • naazira

    I'm always surprised how they make such a big deal of the event. Like field service during the memorial season. They make it, the evening meal, sound like a great awesome event, but then when you get there it's boring. A funeral is much more lively, than this annual event. Same song every year, blah blah. I was really hoping that last year would have been the last memorial., but nope still here at sun down.

  • Nambo

    Perhaps they figured that if they touched the plate and glass but didn't actually eat the sacrifice Jesus made for all men, they would be seen by Christ as refusing the gift of life he has offered them, probably the greatest of blasphemies.

    By not touching they could convince themselves they didn't join in the same ceremony Satanists do to insult Jesus, and then when they get home they then hold their own Memorial away from the Elders gauze whereupon they would partake.


    It's just a weird freaky F.O.G inducing/indoctrination/sales pitch/ time-share thingy, without anything fun like a free TV afterwards.

    I guess the "prize" is the chance of winning the prospect of surviving the big A, with the prospect of a chance at passing the final test and the worshipping Jeehoober forever and ever and ever..


  • jwleaks
  • prologos

    Data-dog, actually NOT a chance that the observers (looker ones) will survive Armageddon alive or have a resuurection, Because read John chapter 6. "Unless you drink and eat you will not have everlasting life, you will not be resurrected on the last day" paraphrased, but true to the meaning of the word. so: partake or die for good.

    more precisely: 6:54; " He that feeds--- and drinks--[ not only observes] --has everlasting life and I shall resurrect him on the last day" !!!. the passers, non-partakers are actually doomed.

    6:53: "-- Unless you eat-- and drink--- you have no life,--"

  • naazira
    Lmaooo @jwleaks Best pic everrrrr!!

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