Memorial Question?

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  • naazira
    Over the years, I've come to notice that some of the friends will not touch the plate with the bread or the cup of wine ,when the emblems are being passed around. I remember a row of 3 people told the brother to skip over them. Every year I have noticed this behavior. What maybe a possible reason for someone to say skip me? I thought one reason was the fear of spilling the wine, :-p
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    my mom does this sometimes because she's a nut job germophobe.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    They're afraid that the plates and the wine glasses might start singing.
  • naazira
    Ahh germs! That may be a huge part if it.
  • Kanon
    It wouldn't be a Passover if a few people didn't get, passed OVER.
  • Quarterback

    Could be a number of reasons. Here are the Top Ten:

    10) They are Egyptians

    09) Sitting in the smoking section

    08) Prince has shown up and filled three rows with his body guards.

    07) It's the full moon, and you just know that passing the emblems to a Werewolfe doesn't end good.

    06) Running out of time, and the program needs to end quickly to accomondate the next group.

    05) Nazirites aren't allowed to touch wine

    04) Some in that row can only eat Gluton Free

    03) There may be ten men in that row holding the skirt of a Jew, Hands are occupied. 02) Chewing gum 01) The row may have their own Wine and Crackers, are are not sharing theirs

  • naazira
    Haha Nazirites ^_^
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Maybe they just don't want to be actively participating in a perverse & corrupted ritual which excludes the vast majority from commemorating Christ's death - relegating them to nothing more than voyeurs!

    It was to be part of a meal folks - not a nibble & a sip!

    23 I received this from the Lord and I've also shared it with you… that the Lord Jesus (on the very night that he was going to be handed over) took a loaf, 24 and after giving thanks, broke it and said, 'This is my body [which is being given] for you. Keep on doing this in memory of me.' 25 And after the meal, he did the same thing with the cup, saying, 'In this cup is the New Sacred Agreement of my blood. Keep on doing this; and as often as you drink it, think of me.' (2001 Translation - An American English Bible)

  • rmt1
    My automatic reaction was that they are wise to the fraud and are consciously or unconsciously telescoping their disinterest in sustaining the fraud. But they are not in position to apokalyptein their disillusionment, and must maintain a form of participation.
  • Magnum

    Who says the utensils have to or should be touched by all? The point is that all have opportunity to partake. They don't have to actually touch the utensils. There is nothing special about touching them. There are no instructions I'm aware of that say that all have to touch the utensils. They should all just have the opportunity to partake.

    Over the years, I often refrained from touching the plate or cup - even when they were offered to me when I was on stage delivering the Memorial discourse. I would just shake my head "no" when they were offered to me. Again, there is no reason for anyone to have to physically touch the utensils if he's not partaking. The main point, to me, was (past tense since I don't believe it anymore) that everyone be there to observe the occasion and have the opportunity to partake if he had the calling.

    I thought it actually looked kind of odd for the speaker to be handed the utensils only to immediately hand them back. Why would he have to touch them if he was not partaking? He could just be given the opportunity, but refuse.

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