I just got taken!!! Grrrr!

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  • Billygoat

    I started a new job last January with a fairly young company. Within just a few weeks, I realized this was a pretty good company to work for. They pay well, bennies are good, senior management is pretty decent, future looks secure, etc. I also found out that my partner was an ex-JW. I thought, "Wow! This is great! We'll have so much in common. I have a new friend." Little did I know that this man was a small-minded, selfish, rude, ass-hole of a human being. A complete disgrace to humanity if you ask me. I am a pretty happy, easy-going, good natured woman. But working with this man has made me rethink working with this company. (It probably wouldn't in any other instance, but he is SOOO far up my boss's butt, it isn't even funny. My boss thinks he walks on water! The schmoozing is enough to make you vomit. Blech. )

    Anyway, I've quietly and admittedly complacently been looking for a new job. My resume is updated, I've discreetly spread the word to a few friends that I'm "looking". An acquaintence of mine that shares my office building came to me the other day. She handed me a business card and says, "My husband and I have started a side business with this company. They're looking for people if you're interested. I'd be happy to set up an appointment if you'd like." Since she really is a nice person and a hard worker, I thought what could one little interview hurt? I met them today at a local restaurant for lunch. After a few minutes into the conversation, I realized it was a NETWORK MARKETING SCHEME!!!! ARRRGGGGGHHHH! I feel duped. I'm just waiting for her to come up to me to ask how the meeting went and I don't know if I can keep from strangling this lying little beast!

    "You wanna know how the meeting went?! I'll tell you how the meeting went..." *strangle-strangle-strangle*

    "But I...uh...gurgle...gurgle...sigh...gasp...gasp..."


    Okay. I feel better now. Thank you for listening to me vent! I know, I know...I have issues I'm working on.


  • bboyneko

    When I was job hunting I met many many companies trying to take advantage of job hunters. Im glad you saw through the networking scheme before you joined in.

  • Billygoat

    You know...it just dawned on me. This is how I felt when I joined this board and started to learn the truth about The Troof. Like I'd been had, duped, lied to, schemed against. Like I'd wasted precious time for something that would have little to no return. Anybody else fall for something like this outside of the Watchtower???

  • badwillie

    Businesses can become a lot like cults. Check out the move "Boiler Room" - it's very interesting to see the parallels to religious fanaticism.
    - BadWillie

  • crownboy

    Could you explain how a networking scheme works?

  • bboyneko

    Crownboy, a networking or pyramid scheme works as follows:

    Pyramid schemes are what chain letters are based on. You buy into one, then you need to recruit others below you, to move you up the line. The people you recruit, in turn, need to recruit others, and so on. Pyramids go by all kinds of names and formats. However, no matter what the title, name, or framework they are all still a pyramid scheme. In fact, I've heard them referred to as Network Marketing Strategies, Multi-Level Marketing, Forced Matrix, Wealth Building Matrix, Gifting Programs etc. Each takes on a shape of its own. For example, "Airplanes" are a popular pyramid scheme. There are 8 "passengers," 4 "stewardesses," 2 "co-pilots," and 1 "pilot." When you buy in, you pay a predetermined amount, like $10, to the pilot. That makes you a passenger. When you recruit 8 more people, you become a stewardess. Your 8 people then need to recruit 8 more, to move you up, and so on. You're promised that you will get hundreds of dollars when you're the pilot. Sound familiar! Again, that's because they all have the same basic framework.

    When you do the math, you realize only the person who came up with the scheme makes any money, and any people who get hooked into it end up loasing big time. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most states in the US also.

  • closer2fine

    The worst is when family is in it & they keep bringing it up everytime you see them.

    I guess that's what my non-JW family felt like with my parents when they would preach.


  • crownboy

    Thanks Bboy. I'm familiar with what you're talking about, but never heared of it under any "offical" name. I think Avon is kind of like that, right?

    Go therefore and baptize the people in the name of the father and of the son... what the hell, we just need to bring up the yearbook numbers!

  • Billygoat


    Exactly. Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Excel Communications...those are all network marketing companies. Typically they ask you to front money/investment in them before you make any. To me that's the danger in them.


  • MegaDude


    Reminds me of when my neighbor across the street knocked on *my door* wearing a tie (he never wears a freak'n tie) and told me in all serious earnestness he had a great business opportunity for me to look into where I could retire early because it was SUCH A WONDERFUL MONEY MAKING BUSINESS. So he's a nice guy and I like him, and I go over there and listen to a sales sermon for 45 long minutes (hype, hype, hype) and then the dude finally says the all powerful clarifying money-making magic word: "Amway." I was so pissed I could have clobbered the jerk with a box of his own overpriced soap.

    "The God that comes before skepticism may bear little resemblence to the God that comes after."

    M. Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled)

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