What do you drive and why?

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  • Francois

    When I was a JW, I had two cars: a 1958 MGA coupe, and later a 1965 Corvair Monza Convertible that was unsafer with me driving it than most people at any speed. God a hundred thousand miles out of that Corvair, the last 25,000 with it pumping oil up the dipstick and onto the engine. (I was a student. Whaddya want? a real car?) Now it's a Ford F-150 extended cab truck, 'cause I can get into and out of it easily with a broken back.


  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    I drive what my teenagers affectionately call "an old man car". A 2001 Chrysler Concorde. It would be a good car for field service because it has 4 doors. It has an exceptionally large trunk area. A real "babe magnet" car.

  • datsdethspicable

    I have a Jeep Cherokee Sport4x4 of course......cause this is Texas and you just have to have a truck of some kind.

    I also drive my boyfriend.......crazy.(hee hee)

  • hungry4life

    I drive a Honda Civic EX for it's reliability and simple good looks. It's a 2 door so I supposed I am rebelling too. Boy I don't miss service and especially the rural teritories. One time at Borg Camp during my pioneering days. I had a an old junker, I was out with some elderly sisters we went to a home and the ladies dog accidentally got out it was pouring rain and she was very upset so the sisters who had gone to the door started to follow it. I tried to help and we wound up at a dead end street (oops I had forgotten my reverse was out). The other sisters couldn't drive so they had to push me so that I could turn back around. We got the dog but they were soaked. Not a pretty sight but a hilarious memory.

  • unclebruce

    Fantastic englishmun,

    LOL .. watchout those things can cause a midlife crisis. (falling tree branches keep me from going topless :(

    (good thing it doesn't rain much around your way ;) .. actually cloudy skies are best for touring lidless. One of the best cars I owned was a 1980 Ford Cortina Ghia with a windback sun roof .. beautiful machine and very fast, especially through winding mountain roads with its 4.1 litre engine and power steering.

  • RN

    Well, I really loved my '93 Toyota Camry. It's comfy and rides so smooth. But it is, alas! such a SERVICE CAR! It is now in semi-retirement waiting for my daughter to turn 16. Last April I finally gave in to my lifelong love of roadsters and took the plunge for a 2001 BMW Z3 3.0i. Let's just say it's black, it's fast, and it's mine!

    Dins--take one for a spin, I think you'll like it. Even the 2.5 should be more powerful than the Miata.

    Why do I drive it? It has 2 doors and 2 seats, need I say more?


  • Englishman

    Uncle Bruce,

    The pic is a Pilgrim Bulldog, a kit car built by my kid bro. He's built several since, including a 4wd jobbie made, would you believe, out of exterior MDF.


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • Princess

    "sigh" a '99 Toyota Sienna...minivan, at least it has leather! I have two kids and it's rated the safest. The prince was sad to sell the Land Cruiser but it had to be done.

  • rhett

    97 Saturn SL2 with every option available. Why that? It was a good price and I've known other people who've had Saturns and what they've said is true, those cars just don't break down. I don't know much about cars and I don't really like messing with them very much so it works out well.
    I'd love a DeLorean but don't have the money for it..... :(

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  • spike

    I had a black chevy malibu with sun roof and leather seats, you know the works. After my accident I drive a 1994 dodge Dakota truck. I have a back injury and need to sit up high. 4wd truck is so practical in snow country.

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