What Is Your "TRUE " JWD Personality?

by Ranchette 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ranch

    Hi there Lark,

    I am so glad you seem to know your self so well.
    I bet your right about if I were to meet you in person

    Anyway ,I still think there are those who don't.
    At least that's what I would like to think.
    Surely people wouldn't act bad on pourpose.
    Would they?

    Oh well this was probably one of my dorkier ideas anyway.I mean wanting people to get along better and all.
    LOL,What was I thinking anyway.
    How boring and peaceful that would be!

    Forget my suggestion and resume normal behavior

  • waiting1

    Hey Ranchette,

    No.......your idea of persons reviewing their style of postings is a good one.

    When someone new pulls up an ancient thread - some of us *old timers* shudder. "My Gawd, was I EVER that ............?" Yes, we were - and sometimes it's nicer than we evolved.

    But in the evolution, some of us have learned a lot about ourselves, developed new skills in communication, etc. Some of us are pretty much the same.

    Much like in real life anyway.

    As to my being *testy* (self-assigned title):

    Unchristian? My dear, you have no idea how much meaner I would be to you if I weren't a Christian. Author unknown, but cool nonetheless.


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