What Is Your "TRUE " JWD Personality?

by Ranchette 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ranchette

    A lot of us have gotten a kick out of those online personality tests.
    We have also seen threads started from time to time that ask the question, Why are you here?

    It would be good from time to time to ask our some questions and do some self-analization.

    Now we have a tool we can use to see if we are being honest with others and ourselves.
    Click on “members” at the top of the page and check on your self from time to time.

    Are we a positive influence or a negative one?
    If you think your not interested or don’t care that’s fine but don’t be shocked when your past history comes and bites you on the ass.

    I am glad to have this tool now so I can self regulate myself and can also use it to find out if a person is being honest,or basically up to no good.

    I think we will see a little of every thing here.
    Some types I notice without even looking are,
    News Reporters, Professors, Preachers, Councilors, Clowns, Trouble Makers, Whiners, and Tattle Tails, Assholes, Perverts, etc…
    We have such diversity in personalities that we really shouldn’t be shocked when we all don’t get along all the time.
    We also shouldn’t be shocked or jealous when some personalities are drawn together more than others. That is completely natural and not a conspiracy against everyone else.

    Let’s check up on ourselves once in awhile or someone else will probably do it for us.


  • Simon

    can we be more than one? how about a perverted clown?

  • Ranchette


    I forgot to mention that many of us have multiple personalities!


  • Celtic

    Don't really understand your point. Why be so suspicious of others to check up on them and put them into the confines of your own reality tunnel perception. If you like me - fine, if not - fine, why should it matter?

    My head is perfectly capable of telling myself if i'm being honest or not, a personality trait I pride myself on anyway, wouldn't have got this far in recovery without being ruthlessly honest with everything.

    Quit the suspicious doubting nature and accept people as they are, nobody is perfect and I certainly don't want to live my life according to yours or anyone elses expectations thanks all the same.

    Have a good day


  • Ranchette

    For those of you who do this,Id be courious to hear your feelings on what you find.

    Here some questions,

    Were you surprised?
    Were you disapointed?
    Are you proud of yourself?
    Do you see the need for changes?
    Are you naughty or nice?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Now,I must go anaylize myself.


  • Ranchette


    My point is this,

    I meant for this to be a positive exercise in self-analyization for anyone interested.
    I know we are not always honest with our selves and because of all the recent bickering on the board I thought it wouldn't hurt for us to take a look at ourselves.
    I believe this can be a very positive thing.

    When I thought of it I also realized it could be used in a negative way also,
    As with any good idea.
    I was just pointing that fact out.
    I never meant to raise suspicions towards one another. In fact that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to do here.
    My purpose is to help every one get along better.

    I'm sorry I worded this in a way that caused you to misunderstand me.


  • waiting

    Howdy Ranchette,

    News Reporters, Professors, Preachers, Councilors, Clowns, Trouble Makers, Whiners, and Tattle Tails, Assholes, Perverts, etc…

    Where did you find these labels? When I click on members, I found stats which were the same as in our profile under our name.

    tag - waiting
    my name -

    tag - waiting1
    my name - "I've already posted 25 stupid posts today and have no life."

    I was being "testy" - does that show up like "Tattle Tails and Assholes?"

    Are you saying that when we look people's profiles up, we assign labels to them?


  • logical

    I dont get it

  • Ranchette

    No, I didn’t mean you would automatically see one of those labels beside your name.
    I just meant for us to click on the little sheet of paper icon out to the right of your name and review some of your past threads.
    This is a personal exercise and, we sorta end up labeling ourselves in our minds so to speak when we see the over all tone and content of our threads.
    No one else should do it for us.
    I’m not communicating to well today it seems.
    Sorry that I made you testy.


  • larc


    I think I know my ownself without going back to read. Sometimes, I like to joke around. Sometimes, I like to write serious stuff, and sometimes to get in an arguement with someone.

    Ranchette, if you ever met me in real life, you would probably see that I am pretty much the same as I am here. he he he he !

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