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  • pronomono

    jhine: Terry I must (politely) disagree with your comment about all the different denominations thinking that only they are correct and all the others are WRONG .

    I have to agree with Terry on this one. There's a difference in believing you have the correct view and respecting others rights to have their own view. This is why you see so many denominations. Two particular denominations may believe 99% of the same things, but its that one percent where each feels convicted they have a better understanding of scripture and why they have their own denomination. This doesn't mean that they don't have respect for their fellow Christians or view them as brothers in faith. But the idea is still there that each has the correct view and the other is wrong. Otherwise, what is the point of your faith if it is not to be fully convinced that you have the truth.

    In our day, some people are becoming more liberal in accepting other interpretations of Bible passages. I guess this is part of the reason we are seeing more non-denominational churches, which allow people to focus on the universal "truths" in the Bible instead of on what has created denominational divisions.

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