So Will This Be Your First Christmas?

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  • hungry4life

    Since I started celebrating christmas 3 years ago I did not have any ornaments. My daughters and I started the tradition of picking up small souveneirs on every family vacation or outing and turning them into ornaments. Our tree is really starting to look great and it is nice to have a reminder of all the special things we have done together through the years. (many of the items are not christmas related but just reminders oof the trip at desperate times we have even picked up keychains or laminated concert stubs but the overall effect is beautiful).

  • GentlyFeral

    I'm loving this thread. And here's a crossover from the "how is your parenting different?" thread:

    I told my daughter (the 18-year-old boygoth) about the youth who said, "I don't really want anything for Christmas, Mom. Let's go to the homeless shelter and give to the kids there." Her face lit up and she said, "That would be cooool!" Only she's not averse to receiving presents for herself, as well. So we'll probably do that, and I thank whoever it was for the idea!


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    This is Thinker and my second Christmas. We were so excited last year that we opened our presents a week early. I didn't decorate. This year I am thinking about decorating some. I've looked at trees (artificial) but don't think we will go there yet. I think we will just get a really good smelling wreath and decorate that!
    I did carve my first pumpkin this year. It is wayyyyyyy cool. And with a candle in it is really scary.
    Thinker says, that living with me is like doing everything for the first time. We just have fun!!!
    Bought a rug for our front porch yesterday that says "Proud Americans live here". To go with the paper flag I hung on the door in September.
    I must say the quality of my life has improved dramatically!!!

  • Simon

    ha ha... we got a plastic illuminated christmas tree last year and I put it in the window (to make a statement)

    I know for a fact that it did get noticed and commented on

    Looking on the bright side - at least I don't have to buy many presents! (I'm really bad a choosing presents)

  • rollercoaster

    This is my first Christmas in over 20 years. This is my daughters very first Christmas. I am so excited. We have all kinds of lights to put up. My husband is getting a kick out of our excitement.
    I have already done most of the shopping for my daughter. Just some big gifts left to buy.
    I am hoping for lots of snow and wonderful trips to the mall.
    We just moved our office out of the building we shared with some JWs, so we will be decorating our offices too. We are so excited.
    We have carved pumpkins and have a bunch of small ones on our counter in the kitchen. What a wonderful year!!!!

  • jayhawk1

    This will be my first official Christmas. I didn't feel much like celebrating the last one. Now that I actually have someone to give a gift or two to, I will. Funny thing is, I just about have all of my shopping already done. Now, my closet has the gifts in them, and I have to wait two more months to give them. The waiting is killing me. I am like a little dog just shaking with excitement.

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  • openminded

    This will be my 1st as well. I can't wait! -OM

  • Angharad

    I can wait to, while I was out shopping this morning I bought 2 gaint christmas stockings for the kids. Have to think of things to fill them now!

  • Bridgette

    Eyebrow, you asked: "Can you make Xmas more meaningful?"
    Of course you can! The suggestions for helping out in soup kitchens was great! Catholic Charities do a lot around the holiday season (all year round, but they need extra help during holidays). Also, see my post above regarding how my daughter and I bake together. We talk, and share memories, of people who are gone. We bake for others, and give homemade goodies out. She makes a homemade ornament every year. Our very first real X-mas together was 2 years ago, with a tiny little tree (TINY) that a neighbor lent us. And just presents that I would've normally bought her (i.e., clothes, a simple little journal--that she cherishes) and a book. It was the time spent together, baking, preparing, talking on long chilly nights that makes the time so special.
    Good luck, and have a joyous season!

  • dubla

    great thread englishman. ive been out for 7 years now (wow, has it been that long?), and i have done the gift exchange thing at x-mas time for most of those 7 years.....but ive always been a little hesitant, and ive never gotten a tree, all the lights, and the whole nine. the truth is, up until recently (during the course of the last year), i was suffering from the "im still going to go back someday" notion, as im sure many on this board can relate to. this year im doing the tree thing for the first time with my significant other (also an exdub), and were pretty excited!

    theres something about the smell of the malls during x-mas, isnt there? thats my favorite part, fighting the crowds and traffic. im one of the idiots out there that loves to go the day after thanksgiving, just to stand in long lines and wait forever at red lights. buying decorations this year will make it all the more enjoyable.......bring on the christmas songs!


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