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  • Seeker

    *ahem* I take this moment to interrupt the usual in-fighting, cat calls, horrible insults, and general sniping to introduce a brief spelling lesson:

    It's LOSER! L-O-S-E-R! That is how you spell someone who is not a winner. If you spell "Looser" you mean something that is not as tight as it used to be.



    Sorry, but I've seen this so much in this forum, other forums, everywhere, that I'm afraid it's going to infect the dictionary soon from general misuse. Drives me nuts!

    Thank you for your attention. Back to fighting. This now your cue to make me climb the walls by calling me a "looser" for posting this...

  • mindfield

    True, true.

  • safe4kids


    your a looser! And you're muther is to!!!

    I hate those spelling errors too!! They drive me nuts, but I am always afraid to post anything about 'em, coz sure as I do, I'll make one of them in that very thread!!


    "...I'd walk with my people if I could find them..."

    Third Eye Blind, Deep Inside of You

  • larc

    Well now,

    Them there spellin errors bother me too, what is even more worse is them there gramical type mistrakes. I juss don't have no patients for them.

    Seriously folks, why do some people write noone instead on no one? I have seen that a lot.

  • Ranchette

    My spelling is terrible!!
    If I can tell someone is trying, then spelling errors do not bother me.
    But a person who obviously doesn’t care drives me crazy!!

    Several times my husband has walked through the room as I’m posting and on more than one occasion I have said, “I love spell check”
    The other day I said it and he said “Well you can consider that your Anniversary present this year”

    I said “You varmint what are you talking about?”
    He just said I go on and on about it so he thought he’d take credit for it.
    Well I said “That’s not gonna fly.”


  • Billygoat

    The one that really gets me is:

    "I could care less about..."

    Well, if you could care less then why don't you? I think it should be:

    "I couldn't care less about..."


  • Seeker

    hehe, I can't believe no one (or should I say noone) called me on this mistake:

    This now your cue

    I reverted to caveman mode for a moment. But that does NOT make me a looser...

  • expatbrit

    Excuse me, but shouldn't you American chaps be spelling it "lozer"?


  • SixofNine

    Looser Losers are the worst!

  • Julie

    LOL Goode on seaker!!

    Expatbrit--You Canadians got it wrong--it should be LOOZZZAAHH!

    Seeker--I fear you are going to have to get use to it. Sorry.

    Love to all (or at least most )


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