"Generation" - Just Making It Up?

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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The art of the GB is to make a perception of believability, it their duty to spin the table of knowledge as needed when it's required

    there is allot at stake as this is their livelihood and privileged stature in the organization, so don't be too surprised that they are going to hang around for awhile yet.

    I personally farted out their mindset ideologies 30 years ago and I've never felt better.

    Watchtowers always gave me indigestion, anyways !

  • oompa


    think you have to wonder if the Watchtower Society has degenerated to the point where they don't

    even bother to research the bilge they print and they just make up whatever gets them by.

    Met you have some NERVE thinking WT would simply make something up, and you better take it back! When you are directly speaking for God, there is not need for research since he knows all.

    And stop insulting the lower innards of my boat...oompa

  • eclipse
    Apparently admitting "we don't know" isn't an option.

    Got that right!

  • tula

    When will this come out in print?

    is it expected to be in print or will this just be an oral thing like 1975?

  • bennyk
  • zack

    Personally, I love oral. I think the GB does too. :)

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