This might give the jws problems

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  • dedpoet

    I just spotted this news item. I notice that the local jws are already
    trying to squirm out of being excluded - let's hope that they don't
    succeed, and that other councils adopt this scheme. They'd
    scream "persecution" no doubt, but at least it would limit thier
    activities (though some of the less zealous ones would be secretly

    Cold callers get cold shoulder

    COLD callers look set to get the cold shoulder if a new pilot scheme in Hailsham goes ahead. The town council is considering creating a 'No Cold Calling' zone on the Harmers Hay estate.

    Both door-to-door salespeople and faith groups could be affected as they would be banned from knocking on doors if the occupant does not know them.

    Letters are due to be be sent out in October asking residents their opinion.
    If they agree to the proposal cold callers would then be barred from the estate early next year.

    At a council committee meeting on Monday the Mayor, Cllr Nick Ellwood, said trading standards and police wanted to work with the council to put the new scheme in place.

    He said: 'Signs will go up saying this is a no cold calling area.

    'The scheme has been very successful in other areas and does not cost a lot.

    'I believe the no cold calling ban is enforceable.'
    Crime prevention officer Dave Smith told the Express elderly people were vulnerable.

    He said: 'With back-up from the scheme, elderly people can say no to cold callers.

    'It is a multi-agency
    project aimed at giving householders confidence.'
    If the scheme goes ahead, information packs would be sent to residents, outlining their rights.

    Signs would also be put up around the estate and detailed stickers given out.
    Elder Peter Holford, from Hailsham's Jehovah's Witnesses, was keen to point out door-to-door knocking by the group was for ethical reasons.

    He said: 'We are not doing it for the purpose of any gain or con but for the future benefit of residents.

    'We are not an organisation into profiteering.'

    Melanie Russell, national marketing manager for Anglian Windows, said cold calling was not part of the company's business strategy.
    She added: 'Our sales people do not sell door-to-door.

    'Our visits to customers' homes are appointed in advance from a vast range of marketing campaigns.'

    If the scheme is successful it could be extended to other areas in the town.
  • Gill

    'We are not an organization into profiteering!'

    Someone needs to put them right on that one!

  • Dansk

    'We are not an organisation into profiteering.'
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • dedpoet

    'We are not an organization into profiteering!'

    Someone needs to put them right on that one!

    I thought you might spot that comment, Gill (after all I
    highlighted it)

    Someone should send Hailsham Council the Nov 1st

  • Paralipomenon

    And the witnesses will willingly comply with this.

    If the preaching work was outright banned, they would advocate their members to ignore it. But a localized ban? That's okay, they don't want to rock the boat.

    Would this mean that the witnesses will accept ban fractions, but not a whole ban?

  • dedpoet

    Paralipomenon said

    Would this mean that the witnesses will accept ban fractions, but not a whole ban?


  • alanv

    Sorry to put a damper on things but much of Bedfordshire in England has the no cold calling signs. Unfortunately many people are not included in this including Meter readers, Market Researchers, Charity collectors and Religious groups i.e.Jehovah's Witnesses .


    I'll make (print) a copy and give it to my Association from my condo complex and have this enforced here where I live as well. Thanks for the info.


  • greendawn

    The JW who said that the WTS is not into profit may really believe that but in fact the dub org is very money minded their charitable works record is abysmal though, gasp, they are registered as a charity and they even allied themselves with Jim Swaggart a man of satanic false religion according to them to try and save on taxes. It's a very tight org.

  • Gopher

    Apparently the JW's in Halisham are concerned about the possible threat to their work.

    They go door-to-door for ETHICAL reasons? Give me a break.

    They're trying to talk people to change out of their religion, to convert to the Watchtower brand. So it's ethical to go around trying to steal other religion's followers? I guess.

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