OMG, this tops anything the Society have said yet - an exciting deliverance

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  • funkyderek
    Once again, the time had come for Jehovah, the Soverign of the universe, to act in behalf of his people. And act he did!

    All along, He'd just been waiting for Chuck Russell's go ahead. And once he got it, how exactly did Almighty God Jehovah, King of the Universe act?

    Wait for it, this is good:

    Just five years later, Jehovah delivered his people from "Babylon the Great," the mighty world empire of false religion

    Five years may not seem quick to us, but for Jehovah that's like just a second. Charlie's all "Hey God, the Gentile Times have ended" and God's like "I'm on it, dude". And what a display of power! He -get this - he delivered his people from captivity by his evil enemy Babylon the Great. Amazing, huh? As is often the way in Watchtower history, nobody actually noticed at the time. It took the Bible Students many years to realise they had been delivered as the light wasn't very bright at the time, but it got brighter and Jehovah was too busy delivering them to turn the light up but he could have if he wanted, he just didn't want to, who are you to question Jehovah?

    And it goes without saying that nobody outside the Watchtower Society has ever had any idea that these marvellous, momentous events took place, but that's because they're all part of Babylon the Great and they live in darkness and will be destroyed at Armageddon.

    How much more proof could anybody ask for that they're the one true religion and all the others suck?

  • lisavegas420

    So lets say...a JW stops by and leaves you with a copy of this WT and you point out the Oct 2nd referance and ask what proof do they have, what would they answer?


  • ex-nj-jw
    So lets say...a JW stops by and leaves you with a copy of this WT and you point out the Oct 2nd referance and ask what proof do they have, what would they answer

    Uhm, let me research that and i'll get back to you


  • WTWizard

    I wonder if that's what they were saying back in 1914. That was the year it was supposed to have happened, and nothing happened then. They probably made that up, no more than repeating the same old lie until people start believing it.

  • mkr32208
    He just strode right in there and made a big announcement!

    What this smacks of to me is a con man. Nothing is going right you've been wrong and wrong and wrong. Do you admit it? Do you apologize? HELL NO! You put on a huge grin and say see this big bag of nothing PROVES I was right! What boggles the mind is that damn near 100 YEARS later people are still pushing the con! I mean he's been DEAD for 80 years what will it take for people to wake up!?

    I mean this jack ass was nothing but a con. Miracle wheat? God lived on the star pilate's? This fool was just eaten up with dumb!

  • BizzyBee
    strode into the dining room at Bethel in Brooklyn, New

    York. "Good morning, all," he said cheerfully. Then, before taking his seat, he joyfully announced:

    "The Gentile times have ended; their kings have had their day."

    ...was he, by any chance, wearing nothing but a tin foil hat?

  • BizzyBee
    Macmillan admitted: "We were highly excited and I would not have been surprised if at that moment we had just started up, that becoming the signal to begin ascending heavenward—but of course there was nothing like that."

    ".........but of course there was nothing like that."

    Not even close. Maybe it was just the Wheaties talkin'........

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Charlie, as the brothers and sisters fondly called him at that time,strode forth into the dining hall and loudly proclaimed "as chief gaffer around here I would like to inform you all, that the eggs and bacon are not up to much today but don't concern youself as there are sprouts for supper."

    "Good morning all." he cheerfully said and speaking to a very young judge in waiting said "get out of my frigging chair I call the shots around here and make sure we get a regular supply of good coal it's cold enough to freeze the ancient worthies ." He proceeded to enlighten the gathering by prohecying that in five years time we shall be very much a part of the mighty world empire of false religion.

    Just as the entire gathering were about to pick up their knives and forks and tuck in.Kindly Bro. Russel then went on to say " there is a war coming ,no i'm not refering to the big A ,that will come around at various times just like the Brooklyn bus service.This war is over in Europe, well not over, over, as it's not started yet, but no sweat we won't be fighting as we do not believe in democracy ."

    He then concluded by saying, "as it is October , would everyone who intends to be here for the christmas dinner would they please give their names to the young Bro.Franz sitting over in the corner by himself.You can't miss him; he is there tearing pages out of the King James version.As a final note Bro. Franz has asked me to mentioned that coordinated socks please if you are buying christmas presents."

    After breakfast everyone agread that although the toast was black that day the spritual food dispensed was unmatched.

  • Uncertain

    Revelation its Grand Climax at Hand Copyright 1988 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania 2006 Printing

    Chapter 18, paragraph 5: Thus, when C.T. Russell appeared for morning worship with the Brooklyn, New York Bethel family on the morning of October 2, 1914, he made the dramatic anouncement: "The Gentile Times have ended; their kings have had their day."

    Yup, exciting stuff indeed. I tried to keep from snorting when this was read at the book study, I couldn't lift my eyes to look around the room for fear of what expressions I might or might not see. I do wonder who was keeping the journal, and where he was when the realization hit him. In the shower? Shaving? Taking care of other needs? And what did his table-mates say? How about those Mets? Pass the Kool-aid?

    Shall we have a party tomorrow on the anniversary of such a momentous occasion?

  • hamsterbait

    Again they are talking BS.

    They were not delivered from the clutches of the churches. In the lead up to the trial during WWI, the Judge did not railroad the Society, he gave them every opportunity to prepare their case.

    The Churches had nothing to do with it, though they were no doubt glad that the WT was getting it in the neck. After all, the WT had insulted and undermined the faith of their church members and implied that the clergy were as deceitful and mendacious as Judge Rutherford himself. Sending letters saying "thank god, that crackpot has been silenced" is hardly fulfilment of Revelation, where the enemies exchange presents over silencing the two witnesses.

    In line with the proverb "WHAT thou seest, THAT THOU beest" Rutherford thought the motives of the clergy were as baleful, jaundiced and selfish as his own.

    The judge who tried the original case, had upheld objections by counsel for the Watchtower.

    The WT lawyers then appealed the sentence on the grounds that the judge SHOULD NOT HAVE UPHELD THEIR OBJECTIONS, therefore there had been a mistrial.

    They were not exonerated. A retrial should have happened, but by then the war was over and it was not worth the trouble.


    There is a thread on the trial, with quotes from the transcript on this board.

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