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  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    On numerous occasions on this site there have been discussion of the JW's drinking "kool aid"

    if the Watchtower said to do so. I often laughed at this. However if there was an announcement

    "after the Service meeting in 5 weeks there is going to be a special announcement that know one

    dares to miss and that this information will be given to the entire worldwide organizatiion"

    If this was reinforced for the next 5 weeks the anticipation would be tremendous. I have already

    experienced this type of anticipation several times. On one occasion there was a special

    program on a Saturday night at an auditorium and 4 congregations were invited. This was around

    1973. The place was packed and the place was abuzz. Only for one reason. Everyone thought

    that there was going to be some information about when Armegeddon was going to start.

    Instead there was only information about facts and details about the growth rate around the

    world and how the organization has Jehovah's blessings. Everyone went home with a

    trimendous emotional let know bordering on depression. Well getting back to the thought

    of Kool Aid today. I can gurantee you that the Halls would be packed at the end of the 5 weeks

    when the special announcement is made. If it was said "Brothers and Sisters, the FDS wants

    us to know that the Great Tribulation is going to break out on Sunday December 2, 2007.

    The have informed us that it is going to be a horrific thing to witness as Jehovah vents his

    anger at the nations. Jehovah has told us that as an act of kindness that he wants all

    of the weak and infirm and children to drink the solutiion on December 1, 2007

    that we will pass out after the meeting. This solution will let them pass away so as not to experience the

    pain and anguish and to be resurrected to a perfert paradise earth. Have many Witnesses

    would actually go thru with this and drink the kool aid? I would guess about 40%. What do you think?

  • nvrgnbk

    Excellent question, TB TS.

    Tough to predict a number.

    I think your 40% is a rather realistic average.

    Perhaps in areas that enjoy more access to education, the number would be lower.

    In developing countries, it would no doubt be much higher.

    The general depression in most JWs is a direct result of the deep sense of disappointment they feel about not seeing the promise of the New World realized.

    It only gets worse when they are scolded by the WT for having had such expectations.

  • megsmomma

    Man, what a scary thought! I think I personally would have done it because I had spent all my "life" waiting for the end to come....and also I would have thought it would be "no big loss" to go ahead and die....HOPEING they were right. I think it would divide those with something to live for, and those who have too many struggles to care....and that would factor in on the percentage that drank the Kool Aid.

  • Jim_TX
    "Have many Witnesses would actually go thru with this and drink the kool aid? I would guess about 40%. What do you think?"

    I would say... that if they really wanted to push this 'effort', that they would have armed guards... er... ummm... attendants - at the doors, and there would be more like 80 to 90% participants.

    This is a very dangerous religion - one who is taught not to question direction.


    Jim TX

  • Gayle

    I agree with Jim in TX. I think most would. Maybe if they found a scripture or two to support/twist for that. Most put their lives on the line (indicator- blood issue). I cringe still at the probability that I would have back a few decades ago.

  • greendawn

    When it comes to twisting the Bible they are such wizards and they are so good at persuading the naive JW masses it will not be surprising if they manage to get some JWs to drink their poison laced Kool aid. But I don't think it will be many.

  • JK666

    I think that 40% is probably a realistic figure. Try to talk to die hard JW's about the UN, pedophile policy, etc. Then after that, think of ANYTHING that they would not justify. They would figure out a way to drink the KoolAid. Imperfect men, wait on Jehovah, he will fix it in his own due time, etc.


  • journey-on

    This is a very interesting question and really not that farfetched. However, with the horrible mind-boggling

    episodes of Heaven's Gate and, of course, Jonestown, I think most witnesses would hesitate

    to follow through. Knowing how "crazy" these two cults got, I think most JWs would see a red flag

    and decline the dictate. But there are some (40% may be too high) that would definitely do anything...

    and I mean ANYTHING...the WTS told them to do. They would look at it as a final test of faith and

    probably relate the example of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac for the Lord simply because

    the Lord requested that he do so. These are the ones that have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that

    the FDS aka GB are God's channel to man. Sad and sick!

  • worldtraveller

    Are they serving cookies...............Chocolate chip , and I'm there!!! Better be diet kool aid.

  • OnTheWayOut

    With time (days) to think and analyze what was said, very few would go through with it.
    Many would say that NOBODY knows the day and hour... How could the GB know this?

    The announcement would have to be, "The Great Tribulation has started, the GB is confident
    that within a few weeks, it will be unbearable. Drink the kool-aid NOW."

    Otherwise, many authorities would become involved from "weak" members going to them.
    The kool-aid would be taken away and only a handful of hiding JW's (3%) would drink it.

    That's my take. If they say to drink NOW, still only 20% or less would do it. This cult is
    conditioned to obey, but they are not a hardcore, compound-living, deprived of food and sleep

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