Mom's Awake ditching incident

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  • Junction-Guy

    My Mom went to the doctor last week and while she was waiting to be seen she noticed that Awake magazines were all over the lobby. There wasnt any other magazines to be read. She happened to look in a trash can and noticed that it was full of "worldly" magazines. Mom promptly removed the magazines from the trash can and gathered up all of the Awakes and threw them in the can.

    The odd thing she also noticed is that there werent any Watchtowers, just awakes.

    Im proud of my mom. Like son, like mother--LOL

  • poppers

    Did she retrieve the worldly magazines from the trash?

  • V1710

    go mom!! that is too cute. thanks fo sharing


    Boy, the nerve of some people to trash the OTHER magazines and leave only the WT's crap behind. She should have complained to the receptionist or better yet to her doctor.

    I was once in a doctors office and there happened to be an Awake mag. lying on a table. Since there was no wastepaper basket in the waiting room, I took it home, dumped it and this eliminated it from getting into anyone elses hands.


  • dedpoet

    Good for your mum. I do that if I see watchtower crap left for
    unsuspecting members of the public to pick up.

    I guess the person who left the mags counts them as placements,
    and they are - they've been placed in the trash, which is where they

  • Junction-Guy

    Yes poppers, she put the "worldly" magazines back on the tables.

  • carla

    Way to go mom! She should carry stickers in her purse so she could have put the Warning:Cult reading material sticker on the copies in the trash so they would not be able to just pull them out again and put them back on the table. Guess it would have been kind of noticable had she been ripping them all to shreds.

  • PrimateDave

    personally, I don't think it's necessary to throw out WT and A! mags left in public places. Anyone, other than a jdub, who looks through one is bound to see it for the thinly disguised propaganda that it is: PR for a publishing co wrapped in the skin of a religion. Still, the nerve of a jdub to throw out "worldly" mags and just leave A!s would piss me off too.


  • lfcviking
    Mom promptly removed the magazines from the trash can and gathered up all of the Awakes and threw them in the can.

    Good move your mom

  • greendawn

    She helped get rid of the cultic poison that the JW drones like to spread around in the hope of catching out some unaware victims.

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