which one would you use?

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  • bigdreaux

    i have a guy at work that is a non-denominational church goer. he really, really loves him some jesus. anyway, he's asking what book he should read to be able to show witnesses they are wrong. what book should i give him? c.o.c. or gentile times. or maybe there is another book for someone that doesn't know that much about witnesses, but wants to engage them in debate.

  • RisingEagle

    BD I finished one recently called, "Reasoning from the scriptures with jehovah's witnesses" by Ron Rhodes. It's a book that picks apart jw beliefs point by point and refutes them with scripture (as understood by the mainstream Christian church). If your guy loves him some Jesus he may dig it. The only disclaimer I would put on it is that it reads like a combination of the witling reasoning book and the US tax code.



    How about any other version of the Bible, other than the NWT. That would be your best first step.


  • RollerDave

    I'd follow that up with Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron.

    Don't bother arguing whther JW doctrine is right or not, just grant the premise for the sake of argument, and then use the WTS's own sources and history to logically demolish their usurped position and authority.

    It's a great read,


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I agree with Roller Dave - "Captives Of A Concept" is the only book that encourages JWs to look at what their own publications have to say. It explains the two most important Watchotwer concepts - the FDS and "new light" and why both Watchtower explanations are wrong.

  • betterdaze

    "Approaching Jehovah's Witnesses In Love" by Wilbur Lingle


    Written specifically for Christians by a pastor who did his homework on the Witnesses. Full of scriptural proofs and strategies... he knows the baloney Witness arguments very well and gives great advice on how to keep control of the discussion, all from a Christian perspective.

    You can read the reviews on Amazon (which include rants from JWs, so you know it's good), but it's available through Freeminds, too.


  • jaguarbass

    I would just tell him to read the bible that covers all religions.

    They are all full of shxt and contradictions.

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