40 Years Ago Today.....

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  • Sunspot

    I was putting the finishing touches on my wedding plans for TOMORROW!

    We were married by a J.P. in a country home with a beatiful braided rug, rustic furniture and a big fireplace. We couldn't afford a honeymoon . But here it is, all these years later.....and my father had said it would never last. (REALLY--- he did!)

    Tomorrow, we are just planning on getting and early start, going down to the Southern tier (of NY state), checking out the fall foliage and whatever else appeals to us; stopping when we feel like it, and looking for a nice quiet restaurant that we have never been to before. For these two Senior Citizens, this IS about as "exciting" as we like it, haha! (We still cannot afford a honeymoon! ) We looked at what it costs for B&B's or lodges within the area and they were outrageous!! I think the plans for tomorrow will be just fine.



  • blueviceroy

    I love my wife SO much we've been together fifteen years and we are JUST now getting to really know each other we have been through so much together . I hope one day I can say forty years ago> I'm happy for you both!

  • Maddie

    Wishing you both a very happy 40th wedding anniversary


  • Gopher

    Happy Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary! This is considered the second major anniversary, with the 25th being the first major one.

    But any anniversary is worthy of celebration.

  • fresia

    Yes Sunspot I hope you and hubby have a fantastic 40th, what a wonderful treat to have been with someone that long and still talk...amazing.

  • Hortensia

    Happy anniversary - what a blessing to have a nice long marriage

  • Purza

    Congratulations! 40 years is quite an accomplishment. I hope you have a very happy anniversary.


  • JK666

    Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!


  • Vinny

    Happy 40th Annie! My wife and I enjoyed our 16th just last week. Went my kind of camping.... Hawaiian style... at the Grand Hyatt. : )

    How's Beliefnet and Topix been? Still staying active? I have not even looked at either sites for over a month now. Finally getting mucho work done.

    If your hubby and you can get airfare out here Annie, we have an extra room you can stay at for nothing. Maybe that can count as a sort of honeymoon...

  • BFD

    Happy Anniversary, Sunspot.

    If you're coming as far as Oneonta you're invited to stay here. I'm going to the garlic festival in Saugerties but I'll be back by 5:00 or 6:00.


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