who believes, as I do, that they are GOD and in what sense?

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    Will good conquer evil before its too late. We are living in a global world, and I just dont think there is room for evil in a global world regardless of what Bhuda says about it. We will certainly destory the planet if we do not think globally. Thats just plain math.

    We must evolve brother beyond our currant ignorance if we are to survive. Corporate interests must be put a side as a deadly insanity, the priveledged and upper class as mere enslavements concepts.

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    good and evil is so much a part of everything we are taught, it is difficult to conceive of the world as neither, but not impossible. it took me a long while to see that good and evil do not exist at the sub-atomic, atomic nor molecular level of reality...and to grasp that they cannot exist at our level either until we 1. conceive of an ideal world. 2. compare an event to that ideal. seeing reality as you find it...without comparison to anything at all, give you just a vision of reality... its not good nor evil. as indivuals with needs, wants and desires... its easy to label anthing that defeats our progress and meeting our needs, fulfilling our wants and quenching our desires as evil... and from our individual experience of life it may always seem so... seeing that leads to the inevitable tension between the one and the many which is why religions often make what the individual experiences as good into evil. we, in the end, seem to be agents or players in this game and by cooperation or competition we find ways to fulfill our desires, often without understanding their origins or worth... our addictions and cravings are damned, but again there is gross ignorance involved. some strive to understand their own inner workings and some dont care at all and so it goes.

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