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  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Not all states permit "class 3" weapons but most of them do. The total number of "class 3 permits" (you have to have one for each weapon)has been frozen, I think at something like 52,000 total. So the supply is not unlimited, and the price has gone up considerably since the limit was imposed. Expensive little devils to shoot, who can afford it? There's also a restriction on size, 55 caliber is as large as a civilian can own. There are a few old semi-auto anti-tank rifles around in that caliber but they are hellishly expensive to operate. Civilians cannot legally own "destructive devices" like mortars, rocket launchers, or breech loaded artillery. You can however buy muzzle loading artilllery, original or replicas, because they fall into the 'antique' category. For about $25,000 you can buy yourself a twelve pound Parrot rifle that will make some serious noise and hit something the size of a car a couple of miles away.

    In my state there is no waiting period on rifles and shotguns. Only certain benighted Communist States like California and New Jersey differentiate semi-automatic rifles as far as purchase or possession. Hey I've got an SKS as well, ugly critter but it's reliable. I've got one of the Mini-14s, it looks a little like the M-14 from the outside but it shore isn't.

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  • Eyebrow

    I cannot have a gun in my house because I am such a klutz, I would probably put my eye out just trying to load it.

  • radar

    Thankyou everyone for such intersting posts.

    Here in England of course, gun laws are much more strict.

    Having said that my son as managed to purchase a Kalashnikov AK 74.
    It is a genuine Soviet weapon, but it as been de-activated.You need no license at all to buy these guns.
    Can these weapons be re-activated?.

    One christmas when my son was a youngster, my mother brought him a gun for Christmas.His little face lit up when he saw it. We had just become JWs at that time, and so would not approve of such things. "do not learn war no more" was whistled in our ears by the watchtower.
    So we would not let my son have the gun(it was a toy cowboy gun that shot caps)He was really saddened by this, and I would say this was the begining of the hurt that came through Watchtower indoctrinaion.
    My mother was hurt also, and I look back now and regret the whole affair.
    Anyway my son as had a fascination with guns ever since, he is now 23yrs old.
    The idea of discouraging children to play with toy guns or any weapon
    because it may cause them later on in life to start playing with the real things in my experience is a load of rubbish.
    The opposite as been true.
    I have fired a few rifles in my time: Royal Enfield .303s and .22 rifles. I have had no compulsion to become Rambo, all though in recent times I have toyed with the idea.


  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Most of that dewatted stuff in the UK is not recoverable. I suspect it's just scrap iron.

  • Yerusalyim

    purchase legally or illegally?

    Illegally, with the right amount of money, almost anything can be purchased off the street. The military keeps dirty little secrets about stocks of munitions being pilfered. Shoot the Air Force almost lost 4 F16 Engines, they were actually driven off the Air Base unhindered. The only reason they were caught was because the person they were selling to was a cop.

    More than one rocket launcher has come up missing, you can even get anti-tank missiles and STINGER (anti aircraft) missles. If you've got the right amount of cash the US is GUNS-R-US.

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  • Bendrr

    So Radar, thinking of starting an arsenal?
    Tell me, what are gun control laws in England like? I know they are very strict, but can citizens own guns there?
    I once heard that people in England could own small .22 caliber pistols equipped with suppressors for the purpose of pest control, forget where I heard that but is it true?

    (by the way, John Hinkley shot the wrong Brady!)

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Radar you should be able to get a shotgun license, at least it's a place to start. Just tell them you want to shoot clays and maybe a little rough shooting, pigeons and rabbits after you develop your skills. The police usually go for that. Once you've had the shotgun license for a while it's easier to get a firearms license.

    There's no control on silencers in the UK, go figure.

  • Abaddon

    In the UK we have always had tigher gun controls than the US. Our police do not normally carry guns. It's not so much 'Stop or I shoot!' as 'Stop! Or I will say stop again!'.

    Since the Dunblane school shooting controls have been tightened.

    Basically, you can get a shotgun license without too much hassle, just apply at your local police station.

    Anything else that isn't classed as an antique is heavily controlled.

    It is almost impossible to own a handgun of any sort, and very hard to own a target or hunting rifle.

    Military weapons are a no-no.

    Obviously, criminals get guns, but as the police don;t carry guns, and very few people have guns, many criminals consider guns to be too risky; get caught with them and you're doing far more time in jail than otherwise.

    This means that a death due to firearms is very rare. Also, as killing somene without a gun is harder and messier (compare pulling a trigger in a moment of temper to sticking a knife in), less attempts on lives are made; check out the murder rates per 100,000!

    I do find it amusing that in past discussions with American pro-gun people, they always try to say that the high rate of firearm related deaths in the USA has nothing to do with the high level of firearm ownership.

    I don't think that the USA can actually do anything about it, as there's so many that even if you sent the army door-to-door you'd still miss loads. And if you sent the army door-to-door the NRA would crap itself in delight "See! We told you we needed the guns".

    But to disconnect the two facts (lots of gun death and lots of guns) is just dumb.

    Keep on rocking in the free world...

  • Skimmer

    Here's a link of interest from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action:


    It gives some hard facts and analysis, much of which the mostly liberal media would rather that you not know.

    There's a lot of material there, but if you're limited in your browsing time, at least try the link:


    which discusses the question "If we have licensing and registration for automobiles, why not for guns and gun owners?".

    Also, for some cautionary tales:



  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Oh man I can't let that go Abaddon. Check the gun related deaths in Switzerland. A country much more heavily armed than the U.S., real assault rifles in lots of homes. There are other similar countries with high levels of firearms ownership as well. Equating firearms with crime related deaths is nonsense, it's a cultural issue. Take out ghetto, drug related number and US statistics are very similar to the UKs.

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