Comments You Will Not Hear at the Watchtower Study (Justice)

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  • WTWizard

    Here is a prime example of how Jehovah, after claiming to be incapable of injustice, initiates force, coercion, and fraud against innocent people. He cuts off free choice, leading people (and demons) into a one-dimensional path toward stagnation and non-fulfillment that ultimately leads to death. And Jehovah claims to be in control of all matters.

    No matter what specious argument anyone has that people are strengthened by ongoing suffering or that it settles a "higher" cause, this is blatant injustice on God's part. Ongoing suffering actually prevents a person from fully enjoying good things and often stops people from ever getting them, since they are always expecting them to be snatched away. Occasionally, this results in death. As for settling a higher issue, since I did not sin at that time in Eden, I don't want to be involved in that incident or to be forced (initiatory force at work) to take sides for or against either party in that issue. And if Jehovah is going to hound or force me to take sides on that issue, I will side with Satan--on the second problem that He Himself has just created.

    Bad enough that the rebellion happened (though I still think Jehovah was thereby wasting people's experiences and contributing to stagnation there). But, even worse, by getting me involved in this issue, now Jehovah has two problems. The original one is still not settled, and now Jehovah stepped His foot in my business by forcing me into the issue. I will always take Satan's issue in this second problem regardless of how the first one turns out.

  • cultswatter

    Excellent. I always had a sneaky suspicion that Jehovah was a natural killer.

  • Gopher

    They even dangle this carrot in paragraph 12:

    For a certainty, it is Jehovah's purpose to eliminate wickedness and its accompanying injustices from this earth in his own due time. That is something of which even loyal Christians should remind themselves regularly.

    Jehovah's due time, according to the Watchtower, was 1914, 1915, 1925, soon after WW2, 1975, end of the 20th century, and now some hazy future time. Just hang in there, JW's, all your enemies will be gone....sometime.

    If you've been serving the Watchtower Society for decades, you may not ever see your long-awaited "justice". But there's always the resurrection! Meanwhile, serve the organization NOW !!

  • Robert222

    Thank you for posting another excellent analysis of the WA. This is exactly the type of article that began unravelling the cobwebs in my brain of being born in this cult and my mind starting to clear. How is this a hope for the future? And why do the majority choose "free will" yet it ends in death by a loving god?? I swear I have heard from the KH platform how great Jah is for killing all these wicked people, including the women, children, infants - yes - doesn't that equate with the "civilians" killed in our modern times from various military conflicts? My head is spinning.

  • bobld

    Excellent review,I like all the points you made about how unjust and cruel God is.The WTBS BS about a new sys soon, not God wants to see more suffering.


  • V
    That is something of which even loyal Christians should remind themselves regularly.

    There is almost a decade of decades since 1914. Pretty hard not to be reminded of that as well. After 2014 will JWs "celebrate" the centenial of Jesus' presence?

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest "truth." I can't believe that I swallowed all that drivel for so many years.

  • SirNose586

    Gag-inducing article, definitely. Especially the part where the rag asks, "Why has it been good for you to review this information?"

    I think this is supposed to help shore up the discouraged dubs who are struggling to get by. In a recent Service Meeting part, the guy talked about "the paycheck that barely gets you by." A lot of nodding heads on that one. They may see the rising bills and feel that they are experiencing injustice. Well, what's the bigger injustice, that, or being discouraged by a "loving" elder not to take that promotion because it'll take more of your time? Being discouraged to not attend college? Being discouraged from investing?

    This is the same old slop: put in a picture of cute animals and paradise--don't offer practical advice to improve one's lot in life!

  • parlay

    This article is a self indictment. But the drones sitting in the KH,

    have been mind-tapped to never view the injustices they experience in the congregation/organizational

    as just that...injustice. Never having a light bulb moment and saying...hey wait

    a minute, this is what I'm experiencing right here.

    So they accept doormat status under the feet of incompetent dictators,

    deceiving themselves into thinking this is a test of their righteousness.

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