Another Wealthy Celebrity Gets off the Hook (Temporarily) Phil Spector

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  • flipper

    Hello people. Since I have a justice streak a mile long, after reading about this little weasel getting off in a hung jury today on a murder charge, just had to comment on the lack of justice in our society. It seems in this country, if you are a star ex-athlete guilty of killing his ex-wife , or a famous singer guilty alledgedly of molesting kids over the years, or in Spectors case a record producer with constantly bad hairstyles, it seems as if you can avoid punishment with the right connections or amount of money that buys top attorneys. It really is sad. So hopefully according to prosecuting attorneys in October they are meeting again in court to put a motion forth for a retrial for this pond scum.

    With the amazing amount of evidence, short of DNA that they had on this guy, it blows my mind that the jury was hung. He met a waitress at a club who went over to his house after work and in the wee hours something happened where she was shot in the mouth and killed. The newspaper said and I Quote," The prosecuting attorneys called women from his (Spector's) past who claimed he threatened them with guns when they tried to leave his presence , and a chauffeur who testified that on that fateful morning Spector came out of his home with a gun in hand and said ," I think I killed somebody ," while Clarkson's ( the female victim) body sat slumped in a foyer chair behind him." O.K. I know I'm no Perry Mason or anything, but good gawd, I guess a statement from him saying," I think I killed somebody "doesn't count as evidence here? And the chauffeur who witnessed it? Talk about a smoking gun! And what about the previous women's claims that he had brandished a gun threatening them before? Do I detect a trend here? Anger management problems, you think? What more evidence does this jury need?

    Look, I'm no psychiatrist, but it has been well documented over the years that Spector is eccentric, manic depressive, moody, brooding , bizarre and just plain dangerous to himself and others. He has a penchant for playing with guns in his house. I read a biography of John Lennon and even he was intimidated by Spector. And remember, Lennon was a guy who took on the American government in his gaining his citizenship. He wasn't intimidated by much. And speaking of The Beatles, remember this was the guy (Spector) who rearranged the Beatles "Let it Be" album to sound orchestrated and mooshy on songs like "Let it Be" and "The Long and Winding Road", something that Paul McCartney forever resented. In fact resented it so much they re-released the Beatles "Let it Be-Naked" album put out the way McCartney wanted it originally, stripped down with just pianos and guitars. I mean if anything Spector should be put away for tampering with one of the worlds greatest rock groups records. I mean, it at least deserves a few years anyway. If they don't get him on the murder wrap, I say put him away for producing a watered down Beatles album, and oh, yeah also for producing the Righteous Brothers song," You've Lost that Loving Feeling" that all of us heard so much as kids that we can't get it out of our heads now. I think he should pay for that crime too. Anyway ,this music reference is tongue in cheek. But seriously, they really need to put this guy away. He is a possible danger to any female he cohabits with or is involved with. And get this, he is married currently. I guess some women like danger and what money buys.Could get her dead. So any comments on this? Do you think we will ever see a court justice system be fair? Or am I just dreaming? I hope this guy eventually gets what he deserves and they have a retrial. Peace to you all, your comments welcome, Mr. Flipper

  • primitivegenius

    just looking at how that basturd dressed and acted before he got that last minute makeover had me convinced he wasnt all there.

    how can you look and act that creepy and be innocent lol. hopefully next trial they will sort it out properly and justice will privale

  • JK666

    Only in California could this happen!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Only in California could this happen!

    Ain't that the truth! The guy (Phil) lives about 8 miles from me. (he's so creepy...)

  • flipper

    Hey, here is a thought Mrs. Flipper just had. How about for some of us, our first Halloween adventure could be making Phil Spector halloween costumes ? Might make a killing on them! No pun intended! I know, I'm sick! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Another thing about Phil Spector. If you look real close at pictures of him ,it's not a far reach to think that's how Barry Manilow will look at 100 years of age! LOL. Just thought I'd add that nice scene for you

  • jaguarbass

    I was just watching Hollywood land with Ben Afflec tonight about Superman George Reeves death.

    I think people who have money can get away with murder. I've seen it over and over again.

    If you have money you hire a good lier. I mean lawyer. And confuse the jury.

    Jail and punishment is for the working man.

  • Lloyd Braun
    Lloyd Braun

    Well, once again, I see an objection to a system that is faulty, but still it is our system and we should support it in America if we are true Americans. The man is innocent until the state proves their case. It's the same with Orenthal Simpson, and with Michael Jackson as well. The burden of proof lies in the prosecutor's hand.

    In reality, do any of us actually know the truth about any of this? Were we there? No. The real truth is only known by the person that shot the woman, and the woman herself (who is now dead of course). God knows of course, and if one is a believer in God, one knows that ultimately, God will deliver justice. After all, we all suffer death as a result of sin, right? God gets his justice!

    Thankfully, God has established a way for us all to pay for our own sins. Thankfully, we all die.

    Isn't that beautiful and natural?

  • flipper

    Thanks for your replies. JAGUARBASS- I agree money seems to get the rich off from punishment. If we can't buy our way out of it, we go to jail .

    LLOYD BRAUN- I do agree with you to a point that what goes around comes around, and that people who do bad things will eventually pay for it. I don't necessarily think God will pay back to people. If that were the case the leaders of the witnesses, the governing body would be thrown in prison for aiding and abetting child molesters in their organization. I feel karma catches up with people eventually , and they get caught for their continual bad actions.

    In regards to your comment on O.J. Simpson , he was found guilty in the civil trial and held responsible for the murder of his ex-wife and Mr. Goldman and was ordered by the courts to pay out millions of dollars to the Goldman family, which by the way is finally being somewhat paid to the Goldman's because of O.J. s book called, " If I Did It ". And Michael Jackson paid out millions in damages to his "alleged " child molestation victims to avoid going to court also at one time. The news report on Phil Spector reported he said to his chauffeur , " I think I killed somebody . " If that doesn't sound like an admission of guilt, I don't know what does , Lloyd. Yes, we are in an unjust society, and in this country we have freedom of speech rights to express our doubts as to whether justice goes forth or not. I love America, and the freedom of speech we have. It is different than being in the witness organization , where you are not allowed to question authority or the elders. We are not in a controlling cult in the U.S.A. here, nor are we in a controlling communist country. So, that's my take on that. Peace out to you, Mr. Flipper

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I think the prosecution flubbed the case badly, they may proceeded along not aggressively enough thinking they a locked up case with that witness

    The biggest problem with prosecuting the rich is they can afford better lawyers.

    I don't think he's that screwed in the head that if he found the woman shot, pick up the gun and start to walk outside and say I think I shot someone.

    One thing I didn't hear in the case is a test to see if he had any gun power residue on his hands.....strange

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