why is George Washington posing like this????

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  • RisingEagle

    Americans can be a fickle bunch when it comes to art. The Washington statue by Horatio Greenough that was supposed to adorn the Capitol rotunda was so heckled it was removed to a nearby park and hidden by a wooden shed for years. It was finally taken out of the elements in 1908 and put into the Smithsonian. One of the toes was broken off the statue and it literally took an act of Congress to get it repaired.

    His quote:

    "Allow me to exult a little that, during the months I spent at Washington, while my statue was the butt of wiseacres and witlings, I never, in word or thought, swerved from my principle - that the general mind is alone a quorum to judge a great work. When, in future time, the true sculptors of America have filled the metropolis with beauty and grandeur, will it not be worth $30,000 to be able to point to the figure and say -'There was the first struggle of our infant art'?"

    'Wiseacres and witlings', gotta love it. I'm so going to steal that line.


  • RisingEagle

    As far as Baphomet goes, I think he/she looks like the first flight attendant. "This plane has two exits, one at the front and one towards the back."


  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    i believe that statue was intended to emulate roman emperors, not "goat-boy", pagan though the romans were.

  • tula

    Good gracious ninja! I never knew...

    very interesting post. Got my attention.


  • Leolaia

    A few questions....

    What is the date of the statue and what is the date of the drawing?

    How easily is that pose found elsewhere? Is it a commonplace?

    Is there a classical origin of the statue pose?

    If you suggest a relationship, how should the many differences (position of the fingers, pose of the feet, etc.) be accounted for?

  • Nosferatu

    Bridge in Winnipeg:

  • ninja

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic the devil tarot card.....p.s ...the feet and fingers are in a different pose

  • ninja

    this is why georgy boy is in that pose Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • ninja

    here is another freemason...none other than Aleister Crowley.....notice there is a mention of baphomet in his photo.... Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • ninja

    aleister crowley.....called himself the "great beast".....occultist.....nice company freemasons keep http://www.mystae.com/restricted/streams/gnosis/beast.html

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