My son and daughter...making me proud...

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  • Billzfan23

    My 9 year old son decides back in April that the memorial is going to be his last meeting at the Kingdomhall. So... he refuses to go to the meetings, and when forced to go - leaves the meeting right after the song and starts walking to my mother-in-law's house a couple of blocks away where he knows my sypathetic father-in-law (A raging Catholic, not a JW) will have sympathy on him and say "Nevermind, just leave him here with me when you go to the meetings from now on." The next week - the garbage man visits to collect the trash in front of the house - and my son had taken all of his meeting clothes, pants, suit jackets, ties, dress socks, etc... and left them all curbside for the trash man to pick up. He hasn't been to a meeting since - and vows never to return.

    While my daughter still gets dragged out to meetings (she's 7 1/2 now) - she even is starting to resist more and more and uses the logic "If (older brother) doesn't have to go, then why do I?"

    I couldn't be more proud. The silver lining in my rejecting the borg is that my children have matured so much and already have a great sense of liberty - taking a stand for their own sake. My JW wife calls it rebelliousness.. - I just conclude that they have more guts in their pinky fingers than the average JW does in their whole body and I couldn't be more proud of them. Just thought I would share...

  • dobbie

    Wow what a mature young man you must be so pleased and proud of them both! I think that's absolutely brilliant

  • 95stormfront

    That is great. Celebrating obedience to the organization as a guise of obedience to God is the JW mantra. It's nice to see that he has taken his "stand" so young.

  • sweetstuff
  • free2think

    Thats so good, smart kids.

  • minu

    Apparently you have had a good influence on your young adults. Good job!!!

  • The-Borg

    Billzfan, your kids sound great, they must sense there is no future in it. Well done, keep up the good work.

  • Gayle

    Pop, you've done a great job,,the 'freedom bell' rings for two more great children! It is so exciting when children get to have 'free minds'!

    signed, a grandma

  • changeling

    Wow! They sure are "gutsy" for their age! I worry thier mom and her JW friends will put major guilt trips on them and make them feel they are "bad".

    Keep an eye on their emotional well being.


  • oompa

    What I find kind of ironic is that your ex is going to be viewed as a bad parent by JW's and non-JW's. I see her getting very depressed over this no-win situation with the kids.

    wait till they are teens....oompa

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