Would there be more JWs if the internet did not exist?

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  • cultswatter

    Lets face it, the JWs have a virus and they are eager to spread it. The internet innoculates the world against the JW virus.

    a) would there be more JWs today if the internet did not exist??

    b) how many more?

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  • SirNose586

    No internet, huh?...

    a) Sure. I'd say...right now there's 6.7 million. Sans internet--since 1995--my guess would be a solid 7 million.

    b)That would be 300k more.

  • cultswatter

    why 81 ?? 80 would be more reasonable!

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Answer: YES!

    Way more. I honestly think that if it were not for the internet we would be looking at close to 10 million right now.

    The backwards trend will soon gain momenutum and we could be looking at a significant dip in numbers within the next two years.

    The Oracle


    JWD sure was a turning point for me.

    Opened my eyes.

    JWD and "Crisis of Conscience"


  • jwfacts

    there are some detailed WTS stats at http://jwfacts.com/index_files/statistics.htm

    The internet has definitely caused a huge decrease in publishers. Between 1990-1995 average publishers was growing at 5% per annum. Since 1995 it has fallen to under 2% per annum.

    If you take the 1995 publisher figure of 4,950,344 and continue to increase it by 5% per annum as it was pre-Internet, in 2006 there would have been 11,542,415 publishers. Compare this to the actual figure of only 6,491,775 and it appears the Internet (plus possibly other factors) has resulted in5,000,000 less publishers, almost half the amount in only 10 years.

  • 5go

    Yes and No

    It helps get some out but; really it is the fact they have painted themselves into a corner because of bad prophecy, and the double standard they have about themselves toward other religions that is getting them in the end.

    Even a total fool can see thru one of their W.B.T.S. book bible studies before they even hit the internet.

  • WTWizard

    Without the Internet, a good percentage of those who look up alternate sources as soon as they got the first book or magazine would instead look at the official source for more information because there is nowhere else to go to.

    Thus, many who look up those apostate sites when doing initial research would have progressed to baptism. And us apostates would be limited to picketing and selling physical literature, most of which sees the inside of the trash can. Now, we just recommend different apostate Web sites to new studies (and I thank Danny Haszard personally for constructing a large part of the matrix that guides new studies onto those sites). I myself have personally led a study who was just starting to attend the meetings onto one of those sites, and it killed that study like water in the ashtray putting out and ruining a cigarette. Try as they did, the Witlesses did not succeed in lighting that study again.

    How many? That is a good question, since a good number were not interested at the outset. However, many were curious and later went to the only source they could access: an active Witless. A study is started, and then they are in. Now, they can look it up on the Internet, and find some of Danny's work guiding them to a site that busts the myths. I would judge by the number of studies that probably another 100,000 per year in this country were saved by the Internet, and probably another 200,000-500,000 a year worldwide. These numbers are a guess--however, look at what happened in Japan alone since the Internet got going! The numbers would for sure have been well in excess of the dreaded 7 million, probably close to 10 million, without the Internet.

    Now, I wonder how many would be Witlesses, even with the Internet, had apostates like Danny Haszard not spent tireless hours linking all the apostate Web sites so a study would be more likely to land on one when doing research.

  • AllTimeJeff

    A: Hell yes! Lack of information breeds fewer possibilities for decisions, and fewer parameters for making decisions.

    B: Impossible to say how much. I would estimate that the rate of growth pre internet wouldn't be a bad way to project... It was growing their for awhile at about 1,000,000 every 4 years....

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