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  • Englishman


    Its all great stuff so far. I think that many of us are hoping that the media will pick up on aspects of JW and ex-JW life other than the interminable blood issue.

    My own beef has to do with the shunning policies that wreck family lives for hundreds of thousands of people, as well as the protection of child abusers within the org.

    Thanks for all that you have written so far.


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • nelly136

    Nice to meet you Steve and thankyou for taking an interest
    in this,
    a lot of us used to have familys (pre shunning) and it seems totally bizarre that this Publishing company can get credit as a human rights campaigner when it blatently walks over others rights like pebbles on a beach.

    when people come round collecting for religious donations I can say '10 out of 15 of my family members dont talk to me for the sake of religion...guess ive already donated'

  • hawkaw


    Your response and the Gillies letter is exactly where is should be (posted on this db). Everyone on this board can offer you all sorts of amo to go after this guy when he wrongly "attacks" your outstanding work through our boss.

    I just Eamiled you with some more information you may find interesting.


    p.s. - I wasn't too sure if you wanted/didn't want it posted at first seeing you didn't tell me. But I realized Gillies gave this to your editor for public consumption and I am not letting him go after you!! I apologize if I accelerated ahead of your pace for posting.

  • stephen Bates
    stephen Bates

    Apologies folks - just been told by the Tablet that my piece is not going in this week (the IRA'S decision to disarm prompted an article by John Hume, the Catholic Irish Nobel prize winner, which caused mine to be dropped at a late moment after it was already in type). I had this problem with getting my stuff promptly in the Guardian too. Hopefully the article will go in the Tablet next week - they liked the article but RCs outweigh JWs I am afraid in a Catholic newspaper...

    Steve Bates

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  • dungbeetle

    stephen Bates:

    welcome to our are one of the good things that has come out of all this horrid stuff all this year. Thank you so much for all of your help and for your contributions.

    The lives you save---could be many.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi Wannahelp, et al,

    Especially in view of Gillies' ludicrous contention that JW involvement amounted to its receipt of a library card, any corroboration that JW missionaries or officials were flown around for free on UN aircraft would be especially damaging. I raised this issue in another thread on this subject, but nobody seems to have picked up on it.

  • sf

    Mr. Bates,

    This story must stay alive and well. Don't let it die. Seems the "control" of this story is slowly becoming out of your hands and into the hands of others. SEEMS! Work hard please to prevent this from happening.

    "I have found this most illuminating!"

    Very interesting statement. Just so do I sir, so do I.

    Sincerely, sKally

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