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    As I have evidenced with numerous posts, w/links in Hawkaw's big thread, the UN Association was just one of many acts of forncation with governmental and non-governmental groups over the past 10 years

    That's the problem. It's time for some of this stuff to be broken out of the "big" threads and posted on their own. It's likely being missed by those who feel they've gotten all they can out of the lengthy UN-NGO thread(s) and are no longer trying to keep up with the posts but would be instantly riveted to more and different evidence with its own subject header.

    What you're referencing raises whole and significant other associations that deserve their own independent spotlight.


  • Celtic


    I think that the suggestion that you have proffered here is so true.

    The WT organisation know that our collective community is quite disorganised at times and that this information will get swamped by other data.

    To set some of these other matters apart I see as totally a good thing, and the potential then for others to access the given info would be that much greater in its effectiveness to bring to the publics attention the motives of this organisation.

    Good thinking!! Try suggesting this to Kent at Watchtower Observer, see what he has to say, or speak to Simon who runs this board for his suggestions.

    Good point.

    [email protected]

  • wannahelp


    Just to remind everyone.. I remember an article somewhere about the WTBTS flying in a UN plane which had a rough landing, and the FAA had to investigate.. Even got a statement from the WT guy..

    Hmmm, amazing how "library" cards can get you onto UN flights too..

    That's a pretty powerful card, considering there was no signature..

    I'm starting my own Non-Profit tomorrow, just so I can have access to the "vast library" at the UN.. Seems the fringe benefits are really worth it.. I wonder if they have routine flights to Hawaii? Always wanted to goto Hawaii!!! <G>

    "Hey, I really don't support you or your organization, but I have this really shiny library card.. Do you mind if I hitch a ride so I can tell everyone else just how much of a beast you really are? Thanks. I don't care what Jehovah says about you, you really are a good egg!"

  • hawkaw


    I thought like you but now like MacH's approach.

    So I disagree with you until someone gets a web site going on this - The threads avg about a 1,000 hits or more a day. Other threads don't come close. I am kinda ticked at myself for starting the one thread wrt the UN letter instead of piling it all in MacH's thread.

    I have posted serious stuff on blood on this and it just disappears and is tough to find again. Keep it all together until


  • Norm

    Hi Hawk,

    Has anyone confronted the UN people with Gillis claim that they didn't need to sign the application?

    That would be interesting.


  • mommy

    Just a reminder folks, Wannahelp has a designated website and I am working on a few pages for it. It will be up in a few days! Woohoo!
    The way I am approaching it is slowly introducing the stand the WTBTS has and the what it is to be a NGO, then the link that put them together. I want to be sensitive to JW's and perhaps they will also look at the site, that is my hope anyway. Due to some personal problems I have not spent the time I should have on this.

    We do have a site! It is just organizing all the information.

    What I need, anyone who can send me some anything they think will be helpful. Also Wannahelp has obtained a site, but we need help tranfering to web page format. I am not very good at this, and it is asking alot for one person to be responsible for this.

    Please let's get this show on the road, and put it out for all to see!

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • hawkaw

    Yes I called them and they are not responding anymore.

    These people believe and told me "that since they "disassociated the WTs they think I am wasting their time.

    There has also been somthing put in writing to them Norm on the Gillies letter.

    Keep in mind that they would have had to provide a cover letter with the application form, references financal statements etc. Also they would have had to complete an annual accreditation form to stay accredited every year. Thus, someone's signature is somewhere.

    I personally want to see (and will likely never see it though) the letter that the DPI Committee sent the WTS in 1992 congratulating the WTS on their new "association" with the UN's DPI.


    p.s. - Wendy and wannahelp - I can't thank you enough

  • slipnslidemaster

    Wendy_mommy, what do you need in the way of Web page help? Are talking slick website with text formated for the web?

    As long as you have the format of the information the way you would like it laid out (and don't mind suggestions from me) and you have a site, I would like to help with the posting.

    However, I'm a little sporatic at times (I know this is important) so if you find someone with more time or better let me know, but I'm offering my help.

    This is what I need:

    - Documents in electronic format
    - website with username and password
    - basic flowchart laying out how you would like the information presented.

    I will ask bboyneko to design a logo for the site if you would like.


    Slipnslidemaster:"It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar."

    - Jerome K. Jerome

  • mommy

    Thanks Slip
    I have sent you an email.

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • stephen Bates
    stephen Bates

    I've just caught up with your correspondence about Mr Gillies' letter about my articles to the Guardian. The position is that Mr Gillies' letter will not be published in our newspaper because it was untruthful.
    The Guardian publishes corrections and clarifications and allows letters to be published contradicting what has been reported but it does not gratuitously print letters that are deceitful or intended to mislead. I was able to point to the falsities in Mr Gillies' letter as a reason for not publishing it and this was accepted.
    My letter to him was a personal note and not really intended for publication - I wanted to point out what I took to be the inadequacies in his reply. I showed both letters to one of my correspondents on this board and they were posted within minutes. I don't complain about this because, after all, Mr Gillies' letter was written for publication and who better to see it than those most interested in the issue, especially when they are in a good position to assess and analyse what he wrote? I have found this most illuminating!
    For information, I believe one further article by me, will be published in this Friday's issue of the Tablet ( The Tablet is a highly respected Catholic weekly, which is widely read in senior religious circles in Britain and north America. It does not contain the latest toing and froing with Mr Gillies, because it was written before his letter arrived, but it is certainly informed by some of the things I have been reading here over the last couple of weeks.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Bates

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