Do You Sleep ...

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    too little?

    too much?


    when depressed?


    while walking? [WWll soldiers did]

    [fill in the blank]?

    Thank you,


  • megsmomma

    I think I sleep a little too much because I am still tired after 10 hours....But, I love sleeping, so I don't want to change.

  • Clam

    . . . perchance to dream . . .

  • dobbie

    At the moment i go to sleep around 9pm most nights so long as i don't visit this site(!) and keep waking up between 12pm and 2am. But haven't slept well for years. I've got two lads who wake up in the night, plus hubby has worked all round the clock for years so i am constantly awake waiting for him to come home and hoping he's ok if he's late (works on trains) as i have an overactive imagination all imagine all sorts!I would love just one night where i go to sleep straight away and wake up at 7am next day!If i don't wake up by 2am then usually that means i'm asleep because i couldn't get asleep until just before then lol!

  • changeling

    I tend to sleep too much when I'm depressed. It's a signal to me to get myself moving and out of my funk.

    I am bi-polar and cycle rapidly between highs and lows. My high's are not easily spotted by those who don't know me well. But I do require less sleep when high.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I don't know

    If I go to bed 'early', even if I'm tired, I'm wide awake after about 4 hours and struggle to get to sleep again - then I get really tired again, just when its time to get up.

    If I go to bed late, I sleep right through to morning and still need more sleep.

    I'm trying to get myself into a routine now to see if that helps.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Friends:

    It sounds so much the same for all of us. Too much pre-sleep stimuli reduces the chances of sound sleep, including the overactive-imagination and rapid-cycler bunch.
    I never sleep more than 4 hours at a stretch myself, and that is a stretch!

    I'm gonna faire dodo [take a nap]!


    CoCo DoDo

  • bigwilly

    I'm a night owl by nature and a morning person by force of habit. The night owl totally wins out on the weekends (8-12 hrs sleep) but is made up for during the week (4-6 hrs)

  • Paralipomenon


    They need to find a cure for sleep.

  • bigwilly
    They need to find a cure for sleep

    They did! It's called methamphetamines

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