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  • Clam

    Aha Eclipse thank you. Why didn't I say that?

    Back so soon? Welcome back!


  • Dansk
    Even if it's late, it will be right on time.

    LOL ! Says it all for me.


  • dedpoet
    On the net type in "end of the world predictions" you will find that from the year 0 c.e - 2007c.e there have been THOUSANDS of predictions for the end of the world ALMOST EVERY YEAR SINCE JESUS DIED

    That's right 007, and up to now they've all had one thing in common -
    they've all been wrong.

    Despite that, the predictions will continue, and if the world is to end,
    eventually someone will be right, but I doubt armageddon is ever
    coming anyway.

  • fresia

    I always understood it to be predetermined.

    Even if it's late, it will be right in time.

    That I think means that it may be late to us but it will be on time, because the scriptures also say no flesh would be saved if it was late.

  • truthseeker

    I used to think God had a special day on which to bring the big A.

    Now I think God is simply waiting for a sequence of events to happen.

    If you recall, almost every prophecy has a fixed beginning and end and the Bible gives us the length of time involved, such as 70 weeks of years, a time and a half etc etc.

    The only prophecy not given a fixed time, start date and end date is the great tribulation and Armaggedon.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The sock puppet don't know nuthin' until the Brooklyn ventriloquist speaks through him.

  • changeling

    If he's "allknowing", then he must.

    If he's "allknowing", he knew the outcome in Eden.

    If he's "allknowing" he knew when he created man he was plunging them into misery.

    If he's "allknowing" then everything is predetermined.

    If he's "allknowing" he can't at the same time be a loving god.

    Being "allknowing" makes no logical sense.

    The concept of "god" makes no logical sense.


  • M.J.

    "maybe Gog knows the day and hour more than God."

    That's a good point.

    If one supposes that God is waiting for certain events to happen, then forces beyond God's control are determining what God does. Doesn't really sound like God, does it?

  • M.J.


    ((crap. every time I hit enter for the next line it kept submitting the post.))

    The WTS says that God isn't all knowing. Because he consciously chooses not to be.

  • ex-nj-jw

    No, because there is not such being as Jehovah. He's just an imaginary being created to scare the living crap out of everyone that does not do what the fairy tale book the bible says!


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