I don't know why I never picked up the tobacco habit...

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  • Leolaia

    As a child, I had lots of sensory sensitivities and one of the worst was cigarette smoke. Both parents smoked, so making my mom kick the habit was probably one of the biggest silver linings of the JWs for me. I have a funny memory of when I was 5 and I took my dinner underneath the table to eat because my parents lit up after they finished eating. It was still very hard for me to tolerate my dad's habit and so I never was close to him on account of it. So yeah, it was not going to be a habit I was ever going to pick up. I enjoy watching Monk but when it comes to cigarettes, sad to say, I am just like Monk! Seriously! I have lost most of my other sensitivities except for a few (pain from having my neck touched, extreme discomfort at the sound and touch of styrofoam packaging blocks, speeding motorcycle striking terror in me, phobias of certain images), but smoking still throws me into a tizzy.

    No offence to my smoker friends. (I don't drink either but I have no problem with alcohol, just never liked it much....my own bad vice is sweet fizzy drinks)

  • tijkmo

    i hate smokers..

    unless they are female..

    and naked

  • M.J.

    thanks funkyderek,

    I'll start up the regimen this week.

    I think if I really dedicate myself I can make it up to a pack a day in a month or two.

  • shell69

    I started smoking... coz I could!

    Have felt so restricted all my life, that I thought, I'll try anything once, twice if I like it.

    The rest is history. I do intend to give up one day though.


  • anewme

    I too always thought the habit to be cool. My mom looked cool when she smoked. My Dad looked rugged when he did. But I was always very conscientious. "Dont be a litter bug" and "Smoking kills" were the slogans I grew up with and embraced. Then of course when I became a JW it was just a perfect evolution for the little prude I became.

    Then when I found myself on the outside of the organization I thought why not? Why not give freedom a try?
    So I tried a couple of cigarettes. Tried real hard to inhale, but (*cough* *cough*) I couldnt do it!!!

    They were just NASTY!

    For awhile I even dreamed of smoking. In my dreams I took great drags off cigarettes and waited for a rush of some kind that never came. I always woke up confused if I had really smoked or not.

    Cant say why or where those dreams came from. All I know is that I am over all that long overdue rebellion I went through at 48 years old when I left the JWs. My God! A true mid life crisis!

    Well its over and I am calm and no longer have to prove my freedom.

    I am truly free.


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