What You Gonna Do With All That Junk ...

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  • snowbird

    That you've accumulated over the years during your involvement with the WTS?

    I look back over mine and I don't feel anything. Nothing at all. It's as if the past 34 years were ???

    Anyway, I can't explain it, so I'll leave it alone - for now.


  • WTWizard

    Here are a few ideas:

    If you have a shredder (cross-cut shredders work better), then you can shred all the magazines. The Kingdumb Miseries tend to clog the shredders, so you will have to frequently clean out the blades. The resulting confetti can go into the recycling bin, and it makes good gerbil bedding or mulch. If you use it as outdoor mulch, you have to make sure it doesn't blow away in the first good windstorm. I have not heard of what happens when one tries to compost the confetti, but I have heard that it burns poorly.

    Thicker items like books may be put in a chipper-shredder if you have one, or they may be thrown away whole. Of course, if you have any really old stuff that is in presentable condition, you may wish to sell it on eBay to make some money and give another apostate a chance to compare older teaching with current. Like the magazines, burning them is iffy.

    Items like theocraptic clothing is on a condition-basis. Anything that is in poor condition needs to be thrown out. Also, if any item is absolutely out of style and you are reasonably sure it will never be stylish, you can throw it away or donate such articles to charity. This also applies to articles that do not fit or that are absurdly uncomfortable, or that remind you of the Puketower Society and you cannot stand anymore. Anything that might serve you well for future formal dress-up occasions can be dry cleaned one final time and put away for such occasions.

    If you have paraphenalia like bags and call books, these are also on a condition basis. Articles that are worn out or in poor or severely damaged condition need to get thrown out in the trash. If you have anything that is highly specialized for the field misery or that remind you too much of it, but is in good condition, then giving it away or selling it is an option. The same goes for items that you are reasonably sure you will never have secular use for. If you choose to get into business, you might find that old service bag coming in handy as a portfolio (which is what those damn things were originally intended for in the first place). It goes without saying that these items need to be purged--if you have calls or theocraptic articles still in the bag or call book, they need to be placed in the trash.

    As for all those little things like travel tissue and Tic Tacs that were used while in field circus, you can dispose of them or keep them and use them up. Candies and mints that are many years old may be better thrown out, especially if they have been stored in hot places (like the trunk of the car). Scratch paper may be re-used if still in decent condition. If you have any not-at-home slips or other service type papers, it is best to throw them away. Of course, you can hinder the misery by not turning in such material if you still have reasonably up-to-date articles. Territory cards should also be thrown out: likely that will waste their time to make another one and work the territory again, apostates and all, if you "lose" them.

    If you have children that made items while they were Witlesses, that is up to you what to do with them. You might place sentimental value on that Jesus picture or drawing of Israel or other Bible scene or a$$embly hell picture. Then again, if such reminds you too much of when you were a Witless, the shredder or garbage is the place for them. You might have some pictures that you want to keep for whatever reason, whether because of the isolated good (like friends' children or pretty scenery) you saw at a$$emblies; others, you might want to toss if they are otherwise valueless. But, you might want to hold onto them just in case you need something to post on these forums and it brings back pukey memories to post.

  • snowbird
    You might have some pictures that you want to keep for whatever reason,

    Thank you for your reply, WTWizard. I miss some of the people that I left behind. Those who were real friends and whom I dearly loved, I can count on one hand. It's just all so strange sometimes.


  • fokyc

    The junk that I would like to get rid of is in my head! - Can't put that on Ebay!

    With an active JW wife it's very difficult, I would just like for it ALL to just go away,

    of course regular visits to JWD don't exactly help, but I do realise many others have a similar or worse problem.


  • sparrow

    i just moved house and put ALL my JW stuff in the recycling bin. I had a box full under my stairs. Even my special covered bible with my name on it I special ordered from the U.S.

  • Scully
    I have heard that it burns poorly


  • Junction-Guy

    I have kept alot of mine for evidence whenever I finally confront my Dad. I do have fun shredding watcthowers and other publications that arent the "smoking gun"

    My old "You can live forever book" came in handy a few weeks back when a JW Elder tried to lie to me.

  • Insomniac

    I just tossed all my old books in the trash. I didn't make a big ceremony of it; I just chucked them as I came across them while dusting, like any other detritus. I might still have a NWT Bible in with my other religious reference books, but everything else is gone, I think.

  • greendawn

    Get rid of them though there may be some older publications that can be sold on e-bay. Back in the 1980's I got rid of everything except the bound magazines.

  • NewYork44M

    I have slowly gotten rid of everything except for a few items that I want to keep for various reasons. GIGO. Garbage in Garbage out.

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