Evil JW tortured children WARNING: Graphic Descriptions

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  • candidlynuts

    thanks mary.. i have wracked my brain trying to figure out where i read about tapping a babies foot as discipline.

    i can see it clearly in my head.. " for example, one sister states that from infancy she would gently tap her childs foot when it would misbehave, thereby training it to sit quiet in the meetings"

    but i'll be darned if i can remember where i read it at!

  • Mary

    This is the case I was thinking of....Noni posted it at Thom's:

    I've been thinking about this story for a while now and I told another poster this when we were on the phone so I thought I would go ahead and write it for you all.

    I was at a meeting.It was the CO's week to visit and he was on stage giving a talk about spare the rod and spoil the child.He told a story of a sister who was pregnant and sitting near the front of the hall when he visited.He saw her tapping her belly with a pen every once in a while.He after the meeting asked her what she was doing.She said she was disciplining her baby.A baby who wasn't even born yet.She would tap her belly with the pen when the baby started moving around during the meeting.

    He used this story as a good example of a mother who was bring her baby up right even before it was born.He said the younger you start the better.

  • steve2

    I agree with the poster who said this is one hell of a sick story regardless of religious affiliation.

    I think it is stretching things to the extreme to try and find a link between this (JW) woman's atrocious and sadistic behaviour and watchtower teachings. COs can mouth all sorts of weird stuff from the platform about what this or that parent has done, but I have never seen anything in the watchtower that recommends hitting children on the soles of their feet. Using this clearly abusive story to bolster attacks against the JWs is kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • candidlynuts

    steve i wasnt trying to say that it was related to the watchtower

    the story just reminded me of something and i probably shouldn't have even posted about it or perhaps should have just started another thread.. i apologize if anyone thinks that i would say the watchtower endorses child abuse at the sick level this person was practicing.

  • daniel-p

    I agree - I felt the "devout Jehovah's Witness" blurb was superflous and represents shady journalism - obviously this person is sick and twisted and has no place in society, regardless of her religious affiliations. I think these kind of threads serve to sensationalize JWism and any negative thing we can throw bring into the light. However, they do little to focus on the real issues why the religion itself can be cultish and unhealthy.

    On another note: If a person cannot distinguish between physical discipline and child abuse then they have no call to raise a child.

  • cloudblue

    Just wanted to chime in too. This is horrid. But what I thought of as I read it is this. That could have been a Catholic, or a Muslim, or a pagan, or an atheist. It's just sick, but there is only a correlation with the fact that she's a JW. I don't smell any hints of causality. No cause/effect relationship.

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