Evil JW tortured children WARNING: Graphic Descriptions

by Nemesis 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • nvrgnbk

    Interesting, candidly.

    I do remember that some military and paramilitary groups used that type of torture on JWs they were persecuting.

    I belive that was detailed in some Yearbooks.

  • greendawn

    Given the psychological suffering and damage she caused to those children she should have got a lot more than 14 years in prison. Sometimes judges are too lenient with evil scum like her.

  • candidlynuts

    well my memory isnt the best..it could very well have been an assembly experience or something. but i DO remember something to that effect.

  • nvrgnbk

    Not doubting you, dear.

    I hope I didn't come across too harsh.

  • Mary

    I tried looking at my 2006 WT CD-ROM but I could find no reference to anyone smacking the bottoms of her kids' feet as a method of discipline. There were numerous other stories of brothers and sisters who were beaten on the soles of their feet during WWII or in other lands where persecution was rampant, but I couldn't see any reference to someone at the Hall saying that they did this.

    Someone had posted over at Thom's a while back that a CO related an experience of a sister in another congregation who was about 8 months pregnant. He noticed when he was on the platform, she would tap her tummy with a pen or pencil and he couldn't figure out why so he asked her afterwards. She said she was training the baby to 'be still' during the meeting, cause I guess you can never start to early eh?

    The CO thought this was a great idea and related it to others..........My feeling is that this was just sick and borders on child abuse. Can you imagine anyone being whacked enough to try and "discipline" an unborn child for moving around in the womb during a meeting?

    Lord, save us from wackos like these......

  • candidlynuts

    not at all nvr! i'm just frustrated because i remember something but cant remember from where!

    mary thanks for searching. can you try searching just with the words " infant feet" or "infant foot"?

  • JeffT

    Beating people on the soles of their feet is a common form of punishment (related to flogging) used in some less than civilized countries. I don't see any particular connection between this abuse case and the fact that she's a JW, I do find it interesting that no one took any action for so long. This could not have gone unnoticed.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    This was news five months ago, and it received quite a bit of discussion here on JWD.

    Using the NEW & IMPROVEED "search" tool, I found 70 hits on "Eunice Spry."

    Here's one of them


    Stay tuned for breaking news: NIxon resigns!

  • tfjw

    The tapping or spanking on the bottoms of bare feet was in fact practiced in Germany. My grandparents did the same thing to my parents and I know other old timer JWs that did and still do the same thing, mostly from Western and Eastern European countries. Sometimes this does amount to abuse because it goes beyond spanking to beating and bleeding feet.

  • Mary
    mary thanks for searching. can you try searching just with the words " infant feet" or "infant foot"?

    OK, I did----the closest thing I found was this:

    *** g 79 5/8 p. 5 True Accounts—What Do They Show? ***

    Under the stress of her marriage and caring for an infant, Gloria began to abuse her baby—slapping him, beating him and burning his feet with a hot iron; once she even broke both his arms. When her baby was just over a year old he was put in a foster home.

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