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    avatars???? What is that?


  • cyd0099

    Your picture, it represents you on-line

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I regret that I was responsible for my father coming into the "truth." He later became one of those hard-nosed elders. I also regret raising my children in the "truth." Only my daughter is still in and she is a fanatic. Long story short--after caring for my parents needs for seven years, including long hours of intense personal care of my mother who had Alzheimers, my daughter complained to my father that I was missing meetings, no longer publishing, that I said something that she interpreted as negative about the Society and guess what? My father decided to disinherit me. He gave his estate to her instead.

    I don't regret marrying Clyde, however, but I know that over the years he regretted marrying me. He was close to 20 years ahead of me in discovering this wasn't the truth, and those were hard years as I was trying to "hang in there." Clyde and I are finally back on track, and we are really quite happy. I just feel bad about the wasted years, but can look forward to the future...what's left of it.

    So now I try to concentrate on what's good in my life--a good husband, two good sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren who I adore. But it's hard to forget that my family has been split in half--not only my daughter, but several cousins, my brother, and my niece barely talk to me, and I'm not even disfellowshipped. I keep reminding myself that it's not totally their fault--it's the Borg....

  • WTWizard


    (1) Letting the people in with the Suffer Forever book.

    (2) Studying that book.

    (3) Deciding to go to the meetings.

    (4) Joining the Theocraptic Misery "School(??)".

    (5) Going out in service, to initiate threat of force (destruction) and fraud on behalf of the Puketower Society.

    (6) Getting baptized.

    (7) Not having the Internet or other sources before starting the study.


    I can't believe this, but I now know why.....God was behind my actions....

    in the 30 years as a JW, as far as I know, I NEVER converted one single person. Planted several seeds, but they never got watered, *thankGod*

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