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    I was among the JW's for 30 whole years. Left them in 1999 and it was the best thing I ever did. I can't believe how much I was deprived of, for that matter, all JW's. I wasn't allowed to continue my education. Not allowed to read anything except the WT & A. Couldn't partake of any hobby as it would rob any available time that I could contribute to the ministry work. I also never learned how to GIVE, e.g. "to charities", or "my time" for people in need, all because the WTBTS wanted all my money & time.

    I have 4 children and they are all grown, not one of them was ever baptized and want nothing to do with the JW's. *ThankGod* Since leaving them, back in 1999, I have gone to college, am reading ALL kinds of books, from Dr. Wayne Dyer to Sylvia Browne to learning about Judaism to becoming a Born Again Christian.

    "The Truth will set us free?" It sure does. From now on, I get to believe what I want, what I feel God approves of and am more than proud to be there for others, ALL others, not just a certain breed. I now know God has good plans for everyone. He's not going to destroy the sinners, because we are ALL sinners, that would mean eternal death for all. All the Good comes from Him and I can attest to that, I have never been happier. Hallelujah!


    Regrets? Only that I didn't do this all earlier. But.....sometimes it takes being among them to realize how wrong they are and gives us justification in what we can now claim.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Welcome Reborn Again,

    Yes, freedom is a great thing and to be cherished. I too spent 30 years doing their bidding. I am glad they have no control over your children. I have 2 grown children still in and they can cause great harm by spliting families, sometimes for life.

    Looking forward to your continued imput.

    Sincerely, choosing Life

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    First of all, Welcome to the forum, Linda!

    I just looked at your post history and saw your comment on the Skull and Bones thread. Did you finish reading that book about Secret Societies?

    Back to topic. My only regret is that I got baptised as a child and now because I'm DF'd my mom shuns me. She has 5 surviving children and completely shuns all but 1.

    I am glad you made it out even after 30 years. My mom started in 1965 and has been going strong ever since. I am feeling the need to call her.


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    No regrets here either. Once the blinders came off, life it great! I was born in the org baptized at 8...and stayed in until I was 38. Been making up for lost time ever since.


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    I've had a few,

    But then again,

    Too few to mention.


  • greendawn

    Welcome rebornagain, nice to see that you finally realised that there was something really amiss with the cult and then discovered real Christianity. The JWs are not really a Christian religion despite what they claim. They are more like Judaism in disguise.


    Splitting families? *Ooooops!* I forgot about that. Tell me about it. If they don't ruin the relationships through disfellowshipping, then they do as in my case, where my siblings wouldn't match up to the JW standards and it made me feel uncomfortable being in their presence. I wanted to go out in the field ministry and they didn't or they would do things "Un-becoming a Christian" which drew me away from them. The Society has a way of making some of us feel like we are "better than ....!" Marking others and shunning others are two perfect examples of judging and we are commanded in the Bible NOT to judge others and the JW's do it full steam ahead. I truly regret that I once was affiliated with them. I still have a tendency to judge people silently, and I am working hard on not doing that. I keep telling myself, "I could be in their shoes too!"

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    Welcome to JWD!



    I read 1/2 of Sylvia Browne's book on "The Secret Societies". The particular chapter on the Skull & Bones did not mention a whole lot, and nothing about JW's. I love reading her books. I don't believe what she says, for that matter, I believe nothing anymore. I think we will all know the real story when we die. But, it's interesting to read different things to develop our own ideas and thoughts. I have an open mind now and proud of it.

    BTW Everyone, thanks for your feedback, encouragement and for agreeing with me.

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