How many have heard of this latest JW Survival Kit?

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    If you saved all your undistributed Awake and Watchtowers and a box of matches they would be great for getting a fire going!!! You may not have anything to eat, but at least you could stay warm!


  • worldtraveller

    A survival kit needs a necktie? Unbelievable.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Armageddon was a tool used impart as a marketing scheme for their literature, that started long ago with C.T. Russell and his publishing company " Tower Publishing "

    as it still is used today and probably will in the future, after all there is truth in commercialism isn't there ?.


    I can't say I've read anything specifically about "survival kits."

    However, when I went to clean my mom's apartment after she died in 2000, I found
    bottles---and bottles---of lamp oil, and there is a scripture about "keeping our lamps in order" which I think she took literally.

    Also, boxes---and boxes---of matches, candles, cases of toilet paper and canned food. It was obvious to me she was "prepared" for Armageddon's imminent arrival. She was prepared to save herself and her family.

    Remember any articles about "bomb shelters?"

    Bless my mommy's soul.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    ESTEE you have a message

  • TwentyYearsOut

    Assuming there is no immediate intervention by "Jehovah" , things would get ugly pretty fast. When you think about how much of our civilization depends on electricity [directly and indirectly]. This could be another topic all together.

  • Stealth453

    Hey Frank75. Yep, I know who you are talking about and that it is true.

    What wack-jobs.

  • Frank75
    A survival kit needs a necktie? Unbelievable.

    And a shaving kit....."remember brothers, no BEARDS!!!!"

    I can see it in the future. It will be on the CO's checklist to poll the bros and check some of their "survival kits" for accuracy!

    If you saved all your undistributed Awake and Watchtowers and a box of matches they would be great for getting a fire going!!! You may not have anything to eat, but at least you could stay warm!


    Actually, the dubs would consider that sacrilege. No I think they will be waiting until a magical burning bush appears......or for one of those "self sacrificing", (Gag) "caring" (cough), deadbeat (that's more like it) elders to show up just in the nick of time!! LOL

    I agree with Changling that it was probably more or less an over reaction to the KM insert she mentioned.

    This is an "over reaction" by ignorant JW's to a KM insert about being prepared for emergencies

    However if Changling was ever in Canada or at least Ontario as a dub, she would realize (and most likely does) that such ignorant JW's are not usually the R&F but their leaders, especially the monkeys at the Canadian Branch. Those bafoons regularly shipped out their top ivory tower dwellers to tell us all just how out of tune we were with the cryptic messages beaming forth from the Tower!

    Such an article as this KM insert, is just the sort of thing that elders and CO's seize upon to push their agendas. It was common for showboat'n speakers to take articles or comments out of context and say to their audience, "Do you know what Jehovah is telling us through his slave class?" and then running with it.

    What I disagree with is that the KM was a good thing. Sure it was good to make its membership aware of disasters striking and being prepared. However a good thing would have been to regularly review this scenario with your readership before Katrina or the next major disaster. A knee-jerk reaction that plays the guilt card (ie "it was your fault you ran out of food") causes more emotional harm than practical good. The next time disaster such as this strikes could be 20 years.

    So it was pathetic timing IMO!

    The Witchtower claims to be faithful and wise, as well as discreet. So why wouldn't this modern false prophet warn others in advance of a tragedy. They could have easily written such a piece after the black out! Look what heroes they would have been!

    The Watchtower realized that THEY were caught unprepared, so in typical fashion they lay the blame for rank and file suffering at the feet of those who were actually left hanging in the aftermath by the Almighty SOCIETY!!

    Let's be honest, the Watchtower constantly blows smoke up the R&F's arses about watching, following THEIR lead, taking their cues from God through THEM. So sitting on your hands is generally encouraged. Anything else is independent thinking or even, "running ahead of Gods celestial chariot"!!!

    The WT's support net or lack of one is what failed. Any article was to rub their noses in the R&F relying on the Society like they were taught to do!!



  • nvrgnbk

    Good catch, Frank75.

    This works for them on so many levels.

    1. Fear

    2. Distraction( see #1)

    3. They may qualify for some government funds if they, as a "faith-based" organization, are assisting the government in preparing the population for natural disasters and/or terrorist attacks .

  • Quandry

    Erandir says:

    I remember an article in an Awake magazine about all kinds of beers and how they are made. And another about how to tie a necktie.

    That's all most men in the organization would need to survive in the "new system".

    Very amusing!!!

    I also remember articles admonishing impoverished populations how important taking care of latrines are, and proper hand washing.

    Maybe if all Witnesses can start hoarding soap now.........

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