How many have heard of this latest JW Survival Kit?

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  • Frank75

    It has long been pointed out by Apostates, myself included, on this board and others that if the JW's really believed the end of this "system of things" is coming, why are they not making practical efforts to prepare.

    The only thing the Watchtower and Awake will be good for after this believed meltdown is toilet paper! "Put that in your book!" (line from Dances with Wolves)

    I heard recently through a friend who is still in the closet a little, that his JW nut job wife yelled at him for packing away in the pantry her "Armageddon Survival Kit" which he knew nothing about! (He hasn't been to a meeting in years)

    So first, have any of you heard about this? How long has it been in effect? (maybe there is already a thread dealing with it that I missed)

    Is this a reaction by the WTB&TS to criticisms on boards like this?

    What are your thoughts about the total lack of conviction from Dubs on this point of preparing for this unique belief of theirs?

    I will start it off:

    If we are going back to horse and buggy, why doesn't the Witch Tower write articles that dubs can have on the WTLibrary CD (ooops no power to work this device of Satan's, sorry scratch that!) or in print explaining how to shoe a horse, care and feed them or just make a buggy whip???!

    How come nothing is written about how to make candles, spin thread, make tools, have/construct power generators, derive medicine and first aid from nature?

    Often the comebacks would be "Jah will provide" and rubbish like that, but really, why are they putting God to such a test when they could just educate themselves and prepare?

    Your thoughts!

    PS there is also the BS about getting stuff from the local Walmart until that runs out. However the recent experience in New Orleans after Katrina shows how silly that concept is and most dubs live in countries where doing that is not at all an option.

  • bluebell

    never heard of it! but then i haven't een to a meeting for 3+ years

  • erandir

    I remember an article in an Awake magazine about all kinds of beers and how they are made. And another about how to tie a necktie.

    That's all most men in the organization would need to survive in the "new system".

    But seriously, all I know about a JW Survival Kit could be that it has to do with a form my wife was given at her book study to fill out. It was an emergency preparedness information sheet and had questions about what you would take with you if you had to relocate due to a disaster, where you would go, non-local contacts, etc. Here's a link to the thread I started about that:

    Hope that is helpful!


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    In mid-2006 a letter to all Bodies of Elders went out directing them to collect emergency contact information for all publishers. (Including an out-of-area contact number)

    It also instructed CBSOs to make sure everyone had collected disaster preparedness supplies appropriate to their area of the country. Just enough to last a few days, not in preparation for post-Apocalyptic survival.

    It's over a year later and our congregation is about half way there I'm told. (We're really jumping when the Slave speaks. Tee hee.)

    This is actually a good idea IMO. (Although I'm not real keen about the congo having my out-of-area contact info.)

    Sorry folks. Every now and then the WT does something good. ;-)

    Open Mind

  • BluesBrother

    I remember being told that we had to put faith in Jehovah not build up resources, to put faith in our own efforts. Anyway, if we had a stash of food the mad worldings would kill us to get at it

    No - there is no thought of how to live post Armageddon. "Jehovah will provide" . I heard rumours sometimes that Bethel was training brothers for such work, but it was never a strong belief. It was all a bit of a joke really, "How will you make a cup of tea when you cannot plug in the kettle" ..but as faithful sheep we trusted the shepherds.

    (Reminds me of Orwell's "Animal Farm" )

  • skeeter1

    Toilet paper was a key item in the novel "Alas, Babylon". The story about a small town in central Florida which survives a nuclear holocaust due to its being hundreds of miles from every major city. The toilet paper became the medium of exchange. Salt also became an essential item. Gold & diamonds were worthless. They were radioactive.

    Perhaps a Dub has read this novel?


  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    but really, why are they be putting God to such a test when they could just educate themselves and prepare?

    How exactly would that work? Remember, come Armageddon all the educated folks will be

    D.. E.. A.. D .

  • changeling

    This is an "over reaction" by ignorant JW's to a KM insert about being prepared for emergencies. The Society has caught unprepared when Katrina hit and in response they issued the KM insert. This in itself was a good idea.

    JW's are so used to jumping when the Society says jump that they no longer ask "why are we jumping". They take evrything as gospel and run with it.


  • Gregor

    One of the luxuries of living in belief of a total fantasy is that you don't have to worry your pretty little head about any practical matters. "There will be pie in the sky in the sweet by and by"

    The idea that they will survive by looting the dead is pretty grim and morally questionable.

  • journey-on

    This just goes to show you how paranoid and hungry the Witnesses are for ANYTHING new.

    After Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, many were displaced and in dire need of assistance.

    When a natural disaster strikes, the Borg wants to know exactly who in the flock was affected,

    where they are, and perhaps how to assist.

    But, because the R&F are so eager to read something else into it, they will spread rumors that

    the org. is preparing them for the big A.

    We were always told not to worry about tomorrow, Jehovah would provide for his people. Sounds

    like maybe they don't quite trust Jehovah anymore.

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