Canadian Dollar almost at Par with the US Dollar

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  • jgnat

    Well, hubby and I had a GREAT road trip, dipping through Northwestern United States. Knowing our dollar was near par, we'd pick up a price tag and say, "Hey! This price is not half bad." I'm eating from cutlery bought in the US and made in China right now.

  • Mary
    skeeter said: It means my dream vacation to Lake Louise and Jasper just got more expensive.

    Ya....but our trips to Disney World in March just got alot cheaper. As for our Maple Syrup, yep, it can be pricey.....but I just lucked out-------One of my co-workers just gave me a huge jar for $6.00!! She and her hubby went out to his brother's farm where they've got a ton of maple trees, and tapped them. They boiled the sap themselves and bottled it. I like hers better than the store bought maple syrup because she doesn't boil it as long and it's not too sweet.

  • Paralipomenon

    Except books still are about 25% more than their cost in the states. I think I'll have to start ordering from an American company.

  • greendawn

    I was surprised to see that the Euro is now worth over $1.40, and the British pound over $2.00. There was a time when the Euro was about equal to the US dollar.

    It means cheaper prices for tourists and cheaper American imports good for computer parts at least.

  • golf2

    JH, you can buy gold and silver in downtown Montreal. The name of the place is Kitco 620 Cathcart # 900 514-875-4820

  • BrentR

    I use Kitco to buy and sell digital gold certificates. The spread is very low compared to buying the actual bullion. I use physical bullion for my long term holding but day trading gold is very easy in digital certs. When I first started buying gold in 1999 I was paying around 275/toz and today it's 733/toz. Silver has gone up even more since 99'. Or I should say the US dollars I used to buy it have depreciated.

  • golf2

    I hope others on this site think seriously about buying gold and silver bullion. This is something you can really bank on.


  • skeeter1

    Disney in greater time to visit Ms. Mary. The weather is warm, but not stinkin' hot. You must also go to Sea World.

    If you have extra time, go to Kennedy Space Center. They have excellent tours. My favorite was to just sit in the rotunda, an listen to the astronauts talk. Great question & answer sessions. Plus, Kennedy is near the beaches whereas Disney is not. There are no big rides there, but if your kids are school age - high school, they will have a blast & a really good learning experience.

    While Disney is great, you should go see the real Florida. Millionaire's Row in Ocala. Silver Springs or one of the natural springs. The Florida Keys.

    And, flat are really missing out if you don't go to the Keys. John Pennycamp state park has the best glass bottom tour over a barrier reef. Great value for the money. It's like an aquarium out there. See at staying at Duck Key. You can swim with dolphins there. Key West is spectacular. Stay in an inn, there. But, make sure the inn is "family orientated" if you have kids. There are alot of snorkeling tours, pirate/treasure museums, etc. Most importantly, the best Cuban food & sunsets.


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