Incestuous Pedophelia Promoted By German Government

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  • GermanXJW

    I am not sure what is more ridiculus, this Christian Newswire or the discussion in here coming up with a Nazi comparison in fourth reply. Go, get your Awake!-magazin and feel informed. :-/

  • Satanus

    He's catholic.

    "Canadian artist and author, Michael O’Brien, has written seven novels including the widely acclaimed Father Elijah, and A Cry of Stone. Notable among his non-fiction books are his examination of the paganization of children’s literature, A Landscape With Dragons (available through Ignatius Press, San Franmcisco) and The Family and the New Totalitarianism (out of print, text available in the Articles section of this website). His latest novel, Sophia House, deals in part with the issue of homosexuality (published in March, 2005, by Ignatius Press)."


  • dust

    The report originally mentioned in this thread cites the booklet somewhat inaccurately: "Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters".

    In the Spiegel Online article mentoned by Leolaia we read (my translation):

    Spiegel Online: However there is this sentence: "The vagina and especially the clitoris are barely paid attention to through naming or gentle touching (neither by mothers nor by fathers). This makes it harder for the girl to develop pride in her [genderness, gender traits, sexuality -- I don't know exactly how to translate Geschlechtigkeit]." Isn't that ambiguous?

    Philipps: When one doesn't pay attention to the preceding paragraph, that may be the case. But those who have heard my talks or read the booklet attentively, know this: The preceding paragraph described how boys exclusively, due to their anatomy, receive this attention. Mothers and fathers have confirmed to me that of course they have pet names for the penis, and that they touch it during necessary actions such as washing and lubrication, and in order to offer tenderness, as long as this doesn't serve their sexual arousal. Girls do not experience this, hence the sentence. So I also demand that the parents shouldn't just pay attention to the female genetalia, rather that they should recognise the girl as a person.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Hey Mr. German, I guess you didn't read all my posts did you. I said right from the start, I find this article hard to beleive. I further stated, that I would like to see this come, from a more reliable source, like CNN or suchlike. I even stated that I would like to see what the German laws are in regard to pedophelia and the history which shaped your country. I was digging for more info. I know that Nazism is a sore spot for Germans, but it happened in an advanced country. You may not think thats important, but many great civilizations have fallen and digressed in moral decadence and values before, and in terms of history 60 years is fairly recent. It seems unbeleivable, but in this world anything can happen. I love Germany, I think it's a beautiful country with an incredible history and many great minds.

    Leolai, provided an article in German. Well I don't read German, you do. I guess that gives you an advantage, doesn't it? In my reference to Nazism I was simply playing, the what if side of things, in my doubting state of mind, because I like to think of both sides. It's called playing devils advocate.

    I posted the other day on the prostitition thread, that Europe seems more advanced in its laws, because of being in more in touch with its history. Abbadon even backed me 100% in my replies. I even congradulated Europe for this, by saying bravo. My father is from Holland and I wasn't born yesterday. I can hold my own, with the best on this board.

    How dare you tell me to grab my watchtower, and feel more informed, you effin A hole!

    To show you what a gentlemen I am, I am humble enough to apologize and retract my insult, if you retract yours. We will both walk away with our dignity. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding or something that didn't translate well. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt,but I will not let people stomp on my dignity. If you wanna be nasty, you found the wrong guy to do it with.

  • GermanXJW
    How dare you tell me to grab my watchtower, and feel more informed, you effin A hole!

    You have not really read my post. I wrote "Awake!" but however. Since I am not a native speaker I do not understand the ending of your sentence but I assume it is something nice because of the general tone of your reply.

    And I retract my insult, let's be friends.

    PS: Are you aware that the name of Federal Minister responsible for this brochure is Ms Ursula von der Leyen?

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Cool GermanXJW. I like the fact that we can still be civil. It shows we are bigger and more human than some man made doctrines and don't need elders ,or written rules to guide our behaviour. There was probably just a misunderstanding. I retract my insult as well.

    No I didn't know that. I know that their is a little hamlet in Holland called de leyen and did a seach on our geneology going wayback. My father comes from an area in Holland called Syberkarspel, in the north. They are huge people from here. Abbadon said they are called the cloggies. But I suspect my family name, may come from the area of this hamlet. It is very interesting that this woman has the name Von der leyen. I would never expected such a close similarity, but both German and dutch seem to share a lot of similarities in both culture, looks and the sound of their language. My dad immigrated to Canada with his family, just after the second world war, and he can still speak this way, but none of the kids can. I guess we are starting to lose touch with our culture.

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