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    I had forgotten about the pyramid burial site

    Rutherford's pyramid monument was built several years after Russell died. Russell never left any written instructions about such a monument, although it is possible that he had discussed such with Bohnet, who later claimed that Russell desired such a monument to be built. The design of that monument was actually that of Bohnet. I personally do not object to such a monument, except that to me it demonstrates an unnecessary extravangance and a waste of funds. At any rate, that monument was not there when Russell was buried, nor did Russell leave any written instructions for such a monument.

    but when I read about the toga, I had to ask myself about how the witnesses began.

    I have wondered a lot about the so-called "toga" scene; Sturgeon reported that he was having difficulty understanding what Russell said, so Russell was evidently incoherent before he died. I believe that Russell said something, possibly about some sheets, and Sturgeon filled in the blanks so as to interpret that what Russell was asking for was a "Roman toga". Having come to know a lot about Russell through his writings, to me, it just doesn't sound like something Russell would ask for, or even if he did, it could have been that he was cold and the best word he could get out was "Roman toga", which was simply two sheets pinned together at the shoulders to cover his body like a robe. He was already wrapped similarly but with a blanket and a sheet, which he found to be uncomfortable, so it is highly likely that he was simply asking to be wrapped in something more comfortable. I highly doubt that Russell saw anything symbolic in such a request, as the stories were probably lembellished, evidently in a desire to exalt Russell to being a prophet (Russell himself disclaimed being a prophet, however, Rutherford and some others were proclaiming Russell to have been a prophet).

    Sturgeon's report was printed in the Watch Tower in December 1916:

    Of course, Russell never advocated an organization such as the Jehovah's Witnesses; he did not believe in such authoritarianism, nor in the sectarian spirit that is prevelant in that organization. He did not feel any need to create any new religion, and, and although he denounced sectarianism and denominationalism, he believed that members of the true church could be found amongst all the Christian denominations.

    burried in a toga.

    As far as I know, Russell was not "buried in a toga". I could not find any thing to substantiate this statement.

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    why is the cemetary so close to a masonic temple and the two seem to be one complex (no fence or wall between them)?

    The Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center is a comparatively recent construction, and did not exist when Russell was buried. A road separates the Cemetery and that Center -- there is no connection between the two, and certainly they are "one complex". Some have taken pictures at such an angle (which has to be deliberate) so as to actually deceive people into thinking that there is some kind of evil connection between the Masons and Russell's grave.

    Nevertheless, when Russell was buried, there was not a Masonic Center near the cemetery.

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    Remember that this group were not "Jehovah's Witnesses". That name was not adopted until years later when Rutherford changed the name from what they used - "Bible Students".

    This should be clarified. "Bible Students" -- as a whole, represented by the majority -- did not become "Jehovah's Witnesses". The greater majority of the Bible Students did not accept Rutherford's new organization, nor his new teachings on the "second death" (which basically annulled the ransom for all). The Bible Students movement simply continued without, and separate from, the Watch Tower Society.

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