Can men discuss feminism critically?

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  • eclipse
    For example, the real man hating Femi-Nazi types, are they not sexist? So they hate that behavoir in others, but not themselves? This same scenario could also be applied to race, especially here in the U.S.

    Those feminists are sexist, and not how ''normal'' women behave or think.

    Some Men bash women, and some women bash men, it's just that for thousands of years, women were not allowed to do so openly without severe consequences, while the men had a free licence to do so.

    We are the other half of eachother. The Ying and the Yang.

    This woman hopes for a time when men and women will unite instead of being opposed to one another,

    helping one another, providing strength where the other is ''weak''.

    We are all humans with different strengths and weaknesses and these are not unique to the gender but to the personality of the person.

    Together, we are strong, divided, we fall.

  • freyd

    I concur. But there is natural order. Generally women need to respect and be loved. Men need to love and be respected.

  • brinjen
    Generally women need to respect and be loved. Men need to love and be respected.

    Hey freyd,

    What's the weather like on your planet?

  • ness

    i think my head is about to explode

  • freyd

    And I never feel sorry for women. And I'm out of here. Good bye.

    PS The thing about women is that you all have 40% more connective tissue between the two hemispheres of the brain which means you have an instantaneous emotional response to every thought. So that means you all act rational for a while, but eventually you all revert. Men catch a break. We get a chance to think a little before getting emotional. That gives us an edge. It's not that we're any smarter. It's just home field advantage which can make up for our lack of smarts and your fancy uniforms.

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