The WTBTS Can Help YOU Teach Your Kids How to Avoid Molestation!!!

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  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    Last night as I was cooking dinner, Mr. Witness came to me with an issue of the AWAKE!. I am supposing it was the most recent. He started reading to me from an article about .... guess what?! Sexual Child Abuse and how to keep your kids safe!! He read for awhile (as I started seething) then asked my opinion on what he'd read. I said "Oh, I have many opinions on this topic, but I don't want to argue"...

    Background info: we have two daughters (2 & 11). We have discussed "stranger danger" and what's appropriate touching already with our 11-year-old.

    So he wants to have a serious discussion about teaching them body part names and how to avoid predators. I said "OK, let's talk, but put the magazine away". His eyes glazed over, he stared through me, and kept reading. That's when I lost it! I said "I will not take advice on how to teach my daughters about pedophilia from an organization that sanctions it!!!" Then I proceed to tell him (again) about the recently settled cases. He still wanted to read to me from the stupid MAGAZINE!!! I said "when this is a burning topic for YOU, not something you read in a MAGAZINE, then come back and we can chat". UGH it was so frustrating...then he says that I sabotaged the conversation about "something as important as our daughters" but he wouldn't (couldn't) speak about the topic without the magazine!! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

    Later, I was chatting with my 11 year old about the conversation between me & Mr. Witness and said to her "you know about private body parts and inappropriate touching, I really need to go over it with you again & again?" And she says "Yes, I know and if someone tries to touch me...that's when I whip out my Kung Fu moves" and proceeded to karate chop the invisible attacker. It cracked me up.

    I am so sick of WTBTS articles about family and how to run it! Is it just my JW or do all JW's (no offense meant) have a serious lack of common sense?!

  • shell69

    Its a shame really; the dubs are brainwashed into not reading this, and not looking at that...

    Oh, but you can read literature from the borg, coz its food at the proper time yaddi yaddi.... So the only CRUTCH the dubs have to lean on is borg publications!

    Theyre not free to use theyre own mind and common sense, they need the men in grey suits to do all theyre thinking for them, and that way they can be sure that almost "jehovah' himself is speaking directly to them!

    Shell (spitting venom today!)

  • Honesty

    It's not just your JW.

    Their obsession with the Watchtower Society borders on idolatry and mental illness.

  • sweetstuff

    Warning: Reading of the Puketower and Asleep will result in mental disfunction, loss of common sense, loss of critical thinking ability. Proceed with extreme caution.

  • oompa
    Mrs.Wit : Is it just my JW or do all JW's (no offense meant) have a serious lack of common sense?!

    It is the vast majority, even very intelligent ones. It is true because we are taught to just read it from the WT because that is the fountain of truth. All we have to do is read, not think, because they have done everything so well and we can trust them. And parenting? The majority of men at Bethel dont even have kids, and even if they did, that would only make them a possibly equal parent, not qualified to advise. And even the Professional advisors suck half the time! There are many of them that cant agree on squat!

    parenting is an individual or couple project.....oompa

  • carla

    I'm all for teaching kids about keeping safe but NOT from any wt literature! that's for damn sure! My jw (long ago) tried to pull out a wt for something, there was no way in hell I was going to allow him to even read from a wt, so, my deal was 'ok, you want to read from that? then I will read from .....(pick any apostate page)' That ended him ever trying to bring wt literature up to our kids, at least in while I was around. Then I never left him alone with the kids. The kids are now very well versed in so called apostate information. With the new CD by Barb Anderson we are well armed for any discussion on pedophilia, especially with the court documents. The jw will not accept them however, they can write to the courts themselves and pay for transcripts which of course they will never do. I actually have folders of printouts of stories relating to jw's in the news of abuse, murders & pedo cases. He knows I will haul that out if ever tries to give the 'jw's are a clean org, so happy, etc...' Then there is the truly ridiculous you can use from the wt's themselves, such as the we should learn about sex from bovines comments. Laugh them off as the insignificant ignorant fools they are. "Dear, do you really want to teach our girls about sex from people who believe we should learn about sex from bovines? you can't be serious?" Show him the many cases in the news recently, 'Dear, I think the jw's have a problem as big as the Catholic problem was if not bigger, why should I listen to the wt when they haven't even admitted they have a problem themselves?'

  • Mary
    Last night as I was cooking dinner, Mr. Witness came to me with an issue of the AWAKE!. I am supposing it was the most recent. He started reading to me from an article about .... guess what?! Sexual Child Abuse and how to keep your kids safe!!

    Yep.....I posted what they really meant to say:

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  • avengers

    If the pedophile repents, it's ok isn't it?

    Anyway, that's what the WT wants you to believe.

  • greendawn

    The WT doesn't really care about protecting children it only cares about its own financial interests. Should a child get abused they want it all swept under the carpet to avoid any possible liabilities and compensation pay outs. The two witness rule explains everything.

  • WTWizard

    Stranger danger! Teach the children to be afraid of strangers, when the real danger is usually the hounder that is stopping by for a shepherding hounding call. They get going, cause a small distraction, get themselves alone with the child, and then it happens. Usually, it is someone the child is supposed to trust. Almost always the child is coerced into it, and then coerced to shut up about it after (which is worse than the sexual contact itself).

    And what about Uncle Pedophile? Hasn't the Tower ever heard that most child molestations involve some level of incest? Or, if not actual incest, it is a close friend of the parents. On one occasion, I have seen a post (on this board or another, I forgot) where a child was molested by her partner in service, right at the door while the householder went in to look for something! I suppose you are going to tell that child to beware of the strangers.

    Maybe the real stranger danger is when the stranger is the Witless knocking on your door. And, sexual molestation is likely to be the least of your worries. While only a percentage of children whose parents start studying when they are small get sexually abused, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM lose precious memories of vacations and holidays, start doing poorly in school, and get taught to fear the demons. And the harsh discipline from not being able to sit still for hours at a time at meetings, not having time to play, and the like. I think the way to avoid this kind of abuse is to stay out of the Kingdumb Hells.

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