Canadian MP comes to US for medical treatment...

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  • zeroday

    I guess the evil profit gouging American Health Care system is preferable to state run FREE medical care...

  • kwintestal

    She's one of the richest and most powerful women in Canada. She'll go wherever she wants for treatment, not to mention she's a Conservative. I had heard she's giving up politics to go back to running Magna though.


  • Uzzah

    1. FORMER Member of pariliament and IMO overall flake

    2. Is from one of the richest families in Canada so can go anywhere in the world she wants for treatment

    3. Widowed moms with kids doesn't have to lose or re-mortgage her home if she or her kids ever get sick in Canada

  • BrentR

    I hope any Canadian citizen that needs care and can't get it there comes here. My sister gets alot of elective treatments done when she visits here twice a year. She is not rich by any stretch but likes her docs she had when she was a US citizen.

    I am self employed and I pay $120 a month for a $2500 deductible health insurance plan. $20 of that is to be a member of The Alliance for Affordable Care. I get Rx discounts, disability insurance, discount vision care and many other benefits as well as being part of a large pool. That pool can get very affordable health insurance and with pre-existing conditions. I can add a child on for $60 a month.

    My last doc office visit was $35 which included $180 worth of Zithromax samples. I keep a medical savings account of $2500 that is used only for healthcare.

    I work with several people that spend way more then $120 on lattes and CD's every month.

    My wife has full coverage from her employer but spent over $3600 last year just on copays and deductibles. That does not include the 25% that she has to pay for the employee portion of the premium. And she has to go to only PPO docs and clinics and get pre-authorization. So she has coverage but is spending more then I am and I can go to any doc I want.

    I really hope nobody tries to fix my health insurance coverage because it is working great. What I do pay is a business deduction.

  • worldtraveller

    2500 dollar deductible is good???????? No thanks.

  • BrentR

    Being that you are from Canada it would be hard for you to understand how it is here in the states. It's all perspective and you pay one way or another because docs do not usually work for free. If I paid the amount of taxes that Canadians paid and then had to pay for health care, deductible or not, $2500 would be alot.

  • worldtraveller

    Ask any average American if they have health care coverage at all. Every one of us does. So it's a bit slow, but it's affordable to even the poorest, and it's really not about taxes, it's about taking care of ourselves.

    I saw Sicko, and it's an eye opener. If you are happy about your health care, then good on you.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I saw Sicko, and it's an eye opener.

    Well that's your "perception" problem right there. I live in Los Angeles ... ANYONE can walk into an Emergency room at any hospital here and can get care, whether or not they can pay for it (just ask all the illegals) NO ONE is denied medical care. In fact, why get insurance and have a personal doctor when an Emergency room is just around the corner.... (or they use to be until some of them closed because of the overcrowding)

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I absolutely hate the way our sytem is run. Paul Martin was all about our health care system too, but the first opportunity he got, he went to the States to get his treatment. Doctors are leaving here in droves, because they don't get paid enough.

    I have waited for two years to get my back fixed and am still waiting. That on top of other things, I am waiting on as well. You could god dam near die before these bastards will do anything. I wonder how they would respond to a shotgun shoved under their nose. They are probably finding that out.

    Just to see my Gp I have to wait 4 hours. I mean just to get a God dam perscription filled. They don't care if you wait 10 days in their office. There is no accountability at all in this medical proffession. They are a body that governs themselves. There are places far better than the States though that cost 5 times less.

    I think it is time the Government stepped in and made these efin bastards accountable. They spend 10 years in medical school and I swear to Christ, I can diagnose my own health problems by reseaching the net and tell them whats wrong better than they can tell me. I have done it many times. I am now waiting to get an operation on my back and if it gets worse while I'm waiting and requires further extensive surgery, the doctor who made me wait like this better run for his God dam life!

  • BrentR

    I work with a guy that has had two emergency surgeries and he still has not bothered to get health insurance. He is paying $150 per month w/o any interest or credit hit. He says that it's cheaper then paying insurance premiums and he is paying for services rendered not "just in case". Both surgeries were at one of the best hospitals in the area. I would agree with him since I was a patient there today.

    All healthcare programs in every country can stand some tweaking or improvement. I would like to see the malpractice lawsuits controlled here in the states. That would lower the costs greatly and entice more specialists to come back into practice. The new HIPA privacy laws are costing hospitals and clinics millions of dollars each year and accomplish nothing that improves the actual care given. It started out as a nice little concept to allow you to transfer your healthcare when you changed jobs. But then it mushroomed into a god awful hellish nightmare of rediculous laws that are almost impossible to implement. The clinic I lease space from has spent over $50k and still has some exposures to try to mitigate.

    I had to upgrade my billing software just so it is password protected. Nevermind that Windows allready has password protection that keeps everyone out except me. $700 later I get the exact same software. That little line of code cost me seven bills!

    Doctors are leaving here in droves, because they don't get paid enough.

    Back when I was an EMT Good Samaritan hospital in Puyallup WA had seven ER docs, six of them went to school in Canada. They were some dam fine docs and it's a shame that they did not stay in thier country of birth to practice. One of them was a chain smoker so he was usually outside having a smoke break when we pulled in with a patient. He was always climbing right in the rig and helping us unload the patient and getting the history. He also rode with us on some of his days off just to get our perspective in the field. I am sure Canada needs him more then WA state does.

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