Help ! Two of my boys (13 and 10) want to become publisher

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  • Shawn10538

    I am definitely on the side of those above who have proposed a hard line approach to it. Think of it as if your wife is saying, "our children want to start shooting up heroin." You should be mild in your approach, like forbidding it, but not coming out and saying that it is forbidden, kind of like the WTS did recently with its new policy on personal study.

    Also, \encourage your kids to endulge themselves in things that they like: baseball, video games, little league, forming a rock band, learning to dance, going to dances, week-ends away camping. Make their life outside the org a really really fun life. Spoil them. Make service drudgery. Make it as boring as possible. Go out with them and yawn a lot. Use your body language to tell them what a boring life they'll have if they become a Witness.

    Have a goal of phasing out all Witness contact. I mean really, how could you let them go to the meetings when you know better? Flash bulletin: Cults are a bad thing. You want to avoid cults and protect your children from them. That is why they are called a cult - they are socially destructive and will destroy your family. It's inevitable if they become Witnesses.

    Bottom line: Don't let it happen!

  • changeling

    I would be supportive.

    I would tell them they have choices and that you will stand behind them and love them no matter what they chose.

    Later on down the line they will want to do something not sanctioned by the WT, like playing sports at school.

    They will remember that you will support them, especially if their mom opposes them playing sports.

    You're tolerance in this issue will pay off in the future.


  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    "You can go two ways:

    - try to fight it, which if you don't do right will trigger their persecution complex and drive them straight towards it

    - fully support them, even encourage them, even make them go out when they don't want it, and hope that they realise how dull it is and grow out of it.

    I think you should consider #2. You're going to have to play a complex game either way. You're better off if you're not the bad guy. "

    This. If you fight it, they will be made heroes as children fighting oppression, and they will be encouraged to do it more. If you are passive, they will figure it out on their own.

    What you can do is go to each child, ask them their thoughts, and tell them that they should do what they feel is right. If you like you can get into a discussion on responsibility, but it is up to your discretion.

  • Ancientofdays

    Thanks to everybody.

    I've printed out the full discussion, you gave me lots of nice thoughts I will approach the kids this coming w-enk. I think I'll be soft, but I will investigate their "faith" with specific question. In order to make clear 2 point. 1)They still have not the right level of knowledge. 2)They are doing emotional blind-faith instead of rational decision.

    then ...will see

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