Who is to blame for cigarette addiction?

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  • journey-on

    I thought this was a post about CHILDREN becoming addicted. If it is, then I say it's the parents' fault.

    If this is a post about anybody grown becoming addicted, then, yes, it's your own damn fault. There's

    too much information out there now about the health dangers of smoking. They didn't emphasize this

    way back in the 40's and 50's when young people started smoking. Nowadays, there's just TOO MUCH

    INFORMATION to blame anybody except YOURSELF.

  • frankiespeakin

    The Blame Game

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This thread is too preposterous to even give serious consideration.

  • bigdreaux
    This thread is too preposterous to even give serious consideration.

    so is that comment.

  • BrentR

    I am willing to bet that there will be at least a couple posts trying to blame the evil tobacco co's.

  • bigwilly

    The magic two words most Americans don't want to hear. . .

    "Personal Accountability"

    If the parents aren't ensuring their children are informed of the risks of drugs (including tobacco) or decide to ignore such risks themselves, it's not the governments fault. It's lazy and self serving to point the finger at someone else. Case in point; I never smoked and drank very little when I was growing up (including teen years) and none of that had anything to do with the government programs (DARE is bs and has been statistically proven to be ineffective), it had to do with parenting. JW stuff aside, my parents made sure I knew the risks (tho greatly exaggerated) and their feelings on certain substances. It wasn't until I was almost 21 that I took it upon myself to begin smoking. 11 years later I'm still a smoker. The cigarette company or the governments fault? Hardly! I knew better and did it anyway, and continue to.

  • Maddie

    Well, Sir Walter Raleigh is accredited with introducing tobacco to England in the 1500's, but it was probably Sir Francis Drake who was the real culprit. It certainly became popular in the Elizabethan court. So I guess these two Knights of the realm have much to answer for as far as us Brits are concerned.

    When children start smoking it is often because of having parents who smoke and/or peer pressure. Once they start smoking they soon become addicted and then it's very hard to stop. Even with a ban on advertising, health warnings, ban on smoking in public places, and the high cost of tobacco, a high percentage of teenagers are still taking up smoking.


  • PEC
    a high percentage of teenagers are still taking up smoking.

    Knowing the risks.


  • Perry

    The sucker of course.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Jehovah cause he made tobacco

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