My Pioneer mother wants me (DFed) to fix her computer... HA!!!

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  • Hangin_on

    yeah... I was real nice about it.. I hope it makes her think. Maybe she will just assume something majestic has come over me and I "saw the light" and I want to limit my contact with her to uphold WTS regulations

  • Honesty

    I told my mom that the cult she is in was wrong about 1975 when they printed all that stuff and they are just as wrong with the stuff they print today.

    If she wants to be my mother that is great but she really should start behaving like she means it instead of screwing with my mind and the minds of several of my siblings who realise that she has been swallowing lies for almost 50 years.

    From now on it's a two-way street and there ain't no pit stops to re-fuel with tainted fuel.

  • Scully

    You're far more generous with her than I would be. I would tell her to take her bleeping computer to a shop and pay a worldly person whatever it costs for them to fix it for her. Or better yet, tell her to see if any of the Brothers™ would do it for free the way you used to.

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  • shell69

    very well said hangin_on


  • WTWizard

    Go ahead and fix the computer. Then put in the bookmark section every apostate Web site you can find that is worth its space on the Internet. You might even make JWD or an apostate Web site the home page. Then when she boots up the computer, an apostate Web site will come on immediately upon opening up the Internet browser.

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  • NewYork44M

    You should be the last person in the world to fix her computer. You clearly have apostate demons that will sabotage her computer with apostate viruses.

    But if she want you to fix her computer, let those apostate demons have a little fun.

  • M*A*S*H

    As my parents always told me, two wrongs don't make a right. Fix the computer. Maybe one day things will change - I'd prefer to be on the best footing possible. A lot of JWs use the rules as an excuse, this looks to be the case here! Just because my parents are JW's doesn't mean I'm going to act like one. My love for my parents is unconditional.

  • Seeker4

    I like that last bit of advice - but I would add this.

    Make it clear you'd be glad to help her but that you will not put up with any personal disrespect. "You want my help, I'm glad to give it, but this shunning shit has got to end. Treat me with respect as your son and I'll do the same toward you as my mother. Do NOT disrespect me and then ask for my help."

    From a DFed son with an active JW mom.


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