Do You Still Want To Know The Truth

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  • greendawn

    When you say the truth I believe you mean the religious truth. Indeed religion has been exploited by some fraudsters to make money for themselves and the WTS is one good example of this.

    I still believe the truth is in the gospel. Not the JW gospel but the genuine one. If everybody applied it there would be no problems in the world to solve.

  • Cheetos

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  • Seeker4

    Greendawn "I still believe the truth is in the gospel. Not the JW gospel but the genuine one. If everybody applied it there would be no problems in the world to solve."

    That sounds like an old-JWism, my friend! But think about it - people have been trying to apply that for 2000 years - without success.

    It might be better to write: "If only people would live by these impossible to live by words, then all of our problems would be solved."

    You've created a classic Catch-22 - these ideas are impossible to live by, but when we live by them all our problems will be gone.

    That's why I prefer the truths found in taoist writings - they take a realistic look at actual human behavior and real life circumstances, and then help us to live with that reality. Religion, on the other hand, lays out an impossible way of life, then tells you that god/allah/Christ will kill you for not living that way. Then they make the way out via some sort of redemption/salvation - usually in some ways controlled at least to a degree by a clergy/priest/oman class.

    We've got to develop a more moral, ethical and realistic way of life than supplied by "sacred" texts and religion, I'm afraid.


  • tula

    one hand washes the other.

    yes, they are intertwined.

    religion gives us the rules of morality.

    government makes the laws to enforce them.

  • lfcviking
    Do You Still Want To Know The Truth

    Lets face it, mankind has been searching for centuries and were still no the wiser. Maybe were just not meant to know and never will..........

  • journey-on

    Yes, I still want to know the Truth. And so does every other person on the planet.

    It's what drives our species forward.

    My opinion is that we are not supposed to KNOW. We are evolving as a species

    not only physically, but through our soul as well. There HAS to be good/bad choices

    in order for evolution to take place. Without it, we stagnate.

    I think it's an extremely complicated cosmological dance and we are a big part of it

    although so very small on a universal scale. We want some Big God to step in and

    solve all the ills of our world, but WE as a species are the ones that have to make those

    choices for good over evil. WE have to figure out the complicated definitions of WHAT

    is GOOD and WHAT is EVIL. Those choices will direct our SOUL EVOLUTION.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    What Seeker4 said.

  • jaguarbass

    I'm with you, I'd love to know the truth. If you havent read, it check out 'Children of the Matrix" by David Icke. It's something to think about. There is some kind of conspiracy pitting the rich against the working class, the haves vs's the have nots. There are books about the illuminati, Bilderburgers, skull and bones.

    I like the way David Icke ties it togehter. It's food for thought. In the end you still wont really know whats going on. I dont know who does. But he presents a lot of data. Some are facts, some are disputable some are indisputable. You look at all the information and try to decide what is going on.

    Some of the previous posters have made some excellent points to ponder in the search for truth.

    I have spent many nights googling looking for the truth. At this point I dont know if I have it. Or if I'd recognize it if I had it. If I have it and it has been touched on by previous posters. I feel like Peggy Lee when she sang, "Is that all there is"

  • Stealth453

    I know the truth....the truth for me.

    There is no god, religion is a scam, and I am happy.

  • nvrgnbk

    Excellent questions.

    I think you perceive that things are so bad because of historical myopia.

    The media and it's instantaneous global reach only add to the sensation that "all is not well".

    A careful study of human history will reveal that much of humankind is better off today than at any other time in human history.

    In fact one of the biggest challenges facing the human race is overpopulation.

    That's right. Things are bad because they're too good. LOL!

    Make any sense?

    People are living longer and diseases are becoming more manageable.

    Too many people for the existing infrastructure.

    Good luck in your quest for truth.

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