What sort of choice is that anyway? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Perry

    Jesus saw the slavery that the people toiled under with the oversight of the Pharisees as previously brought out. Other "slaveries" are just around the corner outside the borg too.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Glad to see you here! Your right about wondering if the organization is part of Satan's plans! I read Rutherford's book called Jehovah and was shocked! along with Revelation Its Grand Climax Is At Hand.

    They take away the torture stake of Jesus and placed it with WTBTS. Although they do believe in the stake, cross

    Anyone who goes door to door with the WT is taking the place of Jesus! because they say they are the man with the Secretary's Inkhorn who marked people during Ezekiel's time, once again apply past vision to themselves. But that is not going to be the case in end times only Jesus and Jehovah will mark people with help from the apostles who will judge the 144,000.

    Who chooses the 144,000 God or WTBTS? They keep records of who is the 144,000 and doubt anyone who partakes.

    Jesus said that unless you eat my flesh (bread) and drink my blood (wine) you can not have eternal life! Who else does not want you to have eternal life? Satan! How many times did Jesus make that commandment? I believe it was four of five times. As far as I am concerned it is just as important as your baptism!

    So you are right!

    Venting your disappointment is a healthy outlet! WELCOME.

  • bigwilly
    I am convinced the borg is evil and an instrument of Satan.

    While I don't believe that Satan is real or responsible, let me empathize this way;

    I don't think the dubs themselves are directly evil or malintentioned, but it's amazing to what depths people will stoop when they feel that they are righteously correct about something. Plus there's the whole "I was just doing what I was told" defense. I too have a hard time reconciling the difference between the preached love and the practiced shunning. I can understand the need to vent about it as well. That's what we're all here for, it helps to have a listening ear with no need for apology or explaination.

    Side Note: My personal opinion is that god & Satan are fabrications of the human immagination to help explain the unknown or uncomfortable things in life. It's much easier to point at the fictional guy with horns than it is to accept that all humans are capable of evil. It's easier to say "Satan made me do it" than it is to look inside and see that we all have a bit of darkness.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    YOU feel like your in the twilght zone because YOU have found out that everything you were taught is the opposite, and it shock your entire physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

    Hang In There, it will get easier but as far as your feelings of disappointment I dont think You will ever get over that one unless you do research! read their old books and see how doctrines started!

  • Redbeard

    Hi Maddie! I think I know how you feel, I often have the same thoughts. It's the most tragic choice you can force a human being to make. It should not be this way!!! But it helps that everytime one of the old farts from GB or one of the many other fools participating in ruining the life of their fellow human beings die, you know they are not going to heaven or anywhere else, but they have wasted their entire sorry life waiting for something that will never come for them. Each time we can be happy that we belong to those whose sight is clear enough to see behind the lies. All my good thoughts to you. Redbeard

  • worldtraveller

    All this reminds me of the phrase "hell on earth" . Possibly more realistic than assuming some sort of spirit creature is some magical, horrible place. I do not believe the exsistence of Satan, but this is a good place to call hell. Especially some where in New York.

  • dobbie

    I was only saying to my hubby this morning after getting upset that my nephew doesn't come here anymore that its an evil religion. There is just no way of leaving it without (unless your'e v lucky and then its on their terms usually) losing your family. It's absolutely disgusting and shouldn't be allowed it is so unchristian. I'm sorry for what your'e going through Maddie, my heart aches for the position your'e in just now but very glad you are here among others who can understand and support you as much as possible.

  • shell69

    Maddie, It stinks, I know, and so do an awful lot of others on this web site. God apparently made you with free will but just dare you excercise that free will and there'll be hell to pay!!! I feel so much for you guys who are on the periphary of the borg. The constant threat of losing family and loved ones, will always be there in your mind, and you know that there will be a price to pay if you take a step away from the religion. IMHO you are at the worst stage of fading, falling away what ever you would have it be called because the fear you have oflosing family coupled with the dread of meeting attendance and the realisation that actually this isn't the truth are both terrible things to live with. I think to a certain extent once you have made the descision to leave, and have decided that you will have to live with the consequences, your life does get easier. There are many of us on here that have lost family to this disgusting religion, and it hurts, it really does, but it does get easier to deal with once you have made the choice to be true to yourself. Thats my take on it anyhows. Hugs to all you guys on here feeling a sense of loss and abandonment. We can be friends, albeit at a distance, but firnds never the less ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))) Shell

  • changeling

    You have just expessed what we have all felt at one time or another. It will get better, I promise. Your thoughts and fellings are completely valid.


  • changeling

    What is that in your avatar? A decapitated vulture? A bloody hand?


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