Did the spirit of my dead grandmother call me?

by free2beme 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Clam
    Living people don't surreptitiously get inside the minds of other people, and cause them to behave in ways that they think are due to their own choices but actually serve the ends of the person who's controlling their mind

    WBTS? Maybe not so surreptitiously.

  • Satanus

    Live people do lots of manipulating, both on personal levels and through orgs, corps, etc. Most things people do though, are overt. While manipulators can go far, honesty can go pretty far too, maybe just as far. So, maybe manipulators are superior, but, certainly not awesome in power. At any rate, a live master manipulator is still more powerful than the mother, in this case, if she did what is claimed. S

  • BFD

    Excellent point, Clam.

    Free2beme, I think that there are no coincidences in life. Awesome story. I too thought about interest. If your granmother is concerned about the interest she'll just bug you to get one of those nice bird feeders.


  • wednesday


    oompa has charge that you took this story form a 1977 publication of the wts. Did you? or did this happen to you?

    I have no problem believing this , I myself have had interaction with my deceased parents.

  • free2beme

    I personally feel the dead do speak, Just not in the same way as Hollywood shows. I do not think this was coincidence. If you knew my grandmother, this would have been her style to the letter.

    Never read the yearbooks much. If any! I would have been 6 in 1977 and wonder why any story like my event would be in a JW publication, as I believe it shows communication with the dead. Which is what I am suggesting and how I feel this happened. My grandmother would not be one to accept incomplete work. I will be back down there during the holidays, would be happy to photograph and even scan my letter correspondence.

  • greendawn

    This is just a coincidence the dead do not communicate with the living. It is in my opinion wishful thinking in popular culture that wants this to happen it creates a sense that the departed are still present.

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