Well its been a while...disfellowshiping, sex, drugs, and I'm diggin it!

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  • tsunami_rid3r

    I checked my last post, that was March 2007.

  • Es

    OMG welcome back!!! WOW some def interesting things have been happening in your life hey!!!

    Stick around for a bit


  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    Welcome back tsunami_rd3r

    There are a lot of new folks here, me being one of them. I'm happy to see you're getting an education in spite of the brainwashing you've been through.I finally got my BS Engineering when I was 49!

    I envy you, archeology is a passion of mine but I've never been on a dig. Good on ya, mate!

    Like your handle also, I was almost "Silver Surfer" but "Locutus of Borg" won out.

    Peace Out \/

    PS; have fun but go easy on the ganja, it made me not want to study . . .

  • Sparkplug
    Certainly there must be a niche for me here. Hell its my 3rd year.

    You are moving right along!! Do happy to see it little grasshopper!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Your life seems to be the reason that most Jw's fear to send their kids off to school. In fact, the lifestyle, may be damaging to your health in time. My brother lived a life similar to yours for many years. He died at 46 due to irreversible damage done due to drugs. Just a caution.

    Welcome back.

    Jeff [of the trying to not let my fatherly instincts out full here]

  • lisavegas420

    hehehe...don't worry too much about finding your niche...

    I'm almost 46 and still haven't found mine.

    Just enjoy the ride and stay safe.


    oh...and keep a journal...incase you forget something.

    Some say smoking impairs your memory, I can't remember if that's true or not.

  • oompa

    Fairly new here, but welcome back youngin. Yeah I have two sons your age, neither of which I can even get to go to school. I must say, your scool seems to SUCK. What is it, or what type is it? School should be more challenging for you. If it is that easy, I really recommend getting a job too. Barista is good, esp. for metting some not jesus freak girls maybe. Extra benefit of course is that you could stash some cash for your next excursion. Don't forget, your Mom's funds could dry up unexpectely, esp. if she finds you are not doing meetings, and you better stay informed about what is going on at them in case she asks.

    such great parental advice....oompa

  • Sunspot


    I have thought of you so many times and wondered what became of you and how you were dealing with things that you just couldn't seem to get a handle on. I am so happy that you got to go on that dig in Texas....it must have been exciting.

    One of my sons and I are interested in digging up and finding old things.....and HE has a huge box of old-time medicine bottles, tools, and artifacts from where we used to live in Massachusetts and from the area up here in upstate New York. It is a fascinating hobby and he has been toting stuff home since before he was in Junior High school. He is now 47, haha!

    I am not so sure I can say I am sorry about your Dad being DFed....it just might be the passport needed to AWAKE the rest of your family up to the stupid and domineering policies that the WTS expects their followers to live by without question. Just hearing those surprised noises from the congregation when the announcement was made....would be enough of a testament to what the friends thought of him....who CARES what the elders were trying to do? They got their revenge and people have seen this and reacted by leaving themselves. The more of this---the better. It is proof that the WTS IS nothing but a man-made religion (CULT) and need to get out anyway!

    I am glad you stopped by to fill us in on what's going on with you.....try not to be such a stranger, huh?



  • bluesbreaker59

    Man, have fun at school and live up your life. Just some brief advice from one young guy to another.

    1. Wrap your wacker before you attack her, and keep pluggin away, sex gets better as you do it more, and find your groove. Listen to old men, they have good advice and tricks usually.

    2. Only smoke WHEN YOU AREN'T GOING TO DRIVE (IMHO, don't leave the house)

    3. Only drink WHEN YOU AREN'T GOING TO DRIVE (since you're not legal yet, don't drink)

    4. Don't screw with the nice girls, if you don't want a relationship, you could scar them for life, and make them turn into evil, vindicative bitches.

    Other than that, have fun and enjoy being a young man.

  • greendawn

    Welcome back, you seem to be having a good time which is fine but beware of those drugs. Your father was victimised by the usual policies of the JWs but it's a shame he doesn't stay out of the cult and wants to be reinstated.

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